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  1. Jake Smith is a stud. Everyone is enamored with the big bodied receivers that can get a jump ball, but guys like Jake Smith move the chains and bust big plays.
  2. He is averaging 22 tackles per game. I haven't seen any of his games personally, but those stats are hard to refute.
  3. Apparently this was a different Reggie Wilson that graduated from the McCombs School of Business. My apologies for the misinformation.
  4. A high school classmate of mine and UT grad Class of 12 posted on social media that Reggie passed away this weekend. I don't know any details, but I figured I would share so people could confirm if true.
  5. Um this game was in the 40s last year with the #1 overall pick last year. Jerrod Heard was the anointed one until teams figured him out.
  6. Strong isn't the answer. Too inconsistent to win big at a Power 5 program.
  7. Another bad call by this crew. Texas picked it up fast enough to gain possession.
  8. 40+ throws when you are averaging 7 yard per carry deserves a major slap to the face.
  9. Any chance Charlie pulls the cord on Bedford before the end of the season?
  10. Both, but Texas OL could watch the DL go by and Foreman will still find a way to get 5 yards.
  11. Offensive line has been holding all night and they don't need to.
  12. Oh look, a run=TD. Not sure why it has taken so long to figure this out.
  13. Is there a bigger argument against joining the Pac 12 than 3rd quarters ending after 12:30?
  14. It doesn't take a big time football coach to tell that 6-7 yards per carry= consistent first downs and a more rested defense.
  15. Texas will win if they stick to the running game. It is a guaranteed 6 yards per carry.
  16. Texas would be winning by 20+ if they would just stick to the ground game. Score a TD and get your defense some rest. They could have 300 yards rushing right now.

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