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  1. My guess is gold ball instead of crystal. Hopefully more tasteful than fiesta ball trophy
  2. Guys its time to unify. Strong is our guy. You do realize that if Saban was still "deciding" these leaked announcements would be the biggest red flag in history? That would be 2 shit shows he witnessed head on. If he was undecided earlier tonight he's an oak now you can be sure.
  3. God I hope not. We're already blowing up the cast.
  4. Ok so poster info is also off limits? or Nuuf is a cover for them to spread information under cover? Sharing poster info is like sharing an LSUFreek gif and someone getting pissed about it. If its a post from a Mod I get it. Am I wrong here?
  5. Is he referring to Nuufaola's post? That was all that was posted yesterday that I remember. Is he claiming poster info as OB property? It would seem that would not be something their resources uncovered unless it was one of their fake user names in which case I don't see how that could be argued as theirs either. Im a 10+ year member and love the site (lurk mostly) but the attitudes over there by posters has gotten old and taken on a sophomoric tone. (reporting is great though) Ketch referred to the current landscape changing that was keeping them from sharing info. I am wondering if they were told by Patterson regime to get in line at least until the hire was over. WOuld be interesting if so.
  6. Whenever I would try to see the case for Briles all I had to do was think about his bumpkin monotone ass on LHN and I would quickly realize that it would never work. Patterson has to keep espn in the fold as well as BMDs and I can't see ESPN liking this at all.
  7. post is confusing at best and misleading at worst and depressing all the way around. Nice job.
  8. A man. A man and his truck. A man and his... Wanna shoot the TV every time.
  9. This is probably nothing but there was a blacked out Suburban with Alabama plates with a DPS escort going down Lake Austin Blvd and turned onto Red Bud trail today. Obviously Nick is in NOLA but Terri could be nesting.
  10. Damnit, here I am again after spending an entire day reading MB posts.
  11. Hopefully that's Patterson using Bohls to keep the smoke signals flying.
  12. yep, time to focus on the positive and the future, not hindsight and bitterness.
  13. You guys obviously havent seen our guys leisurely stepping over hurdles before every practice on LHN.

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