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JimsTexas last won the day on October 5 2014

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  • Birthday 05/23/1947

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    Houston Texas
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    I love to fish and travel around America. My friends y'all have a great life


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    Seen my first Texas/OU game in 1957. I don't hardly go anywhere that I don't wear a Texas cap are shirt. My kids could sang the Eyes Of Texas as soon as they could talk. My sons had there bed room painted in Burnt Orange.
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    Texas Football, Fishing, Travial all over America as full time RV'ers

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  1. UTfish My friend I will take a one point win and be happy. My friends y'all have a great weekend Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud
  2. Texas 45 Kansas 21 The Texas is focused on the Big 12 title. This is will mean BH is one stept closer to getting his haircut. My friends Happy ThanksGiving.
  3. I was at the game the only time I was worried was when IS scored in the 4th quarter. Then they got the ball back on a fumble. I looked at my friend Dave and said "this can't be happening again" but the D steped up and got the ball back. What a great display of the Texas team who might be peaking and if so what a time to peak. Seeing Texas back into the real bowl feel good and I am so proud of this team and what they did this year. My friends y'all have a great week and Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud.
  4. Ok really he cheated are so says you I beg to ask who cares. You need to clean up your own house. My friends y'all have a great week Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud.
  5. I agree with you my brothers Texas wins this game. SE will be firing on all ceylenders . Texas can smell a chance to play in the Big 12 Championship and Breckyn Hager will finally have a chance to cut his hair , My friends y'all have a great week. Feep You Horns Raised High And Proud.
  6. Have a bad ticker I do now after watching the Texas/TT game. But sure happy with the way SE brought this teab back once again. The D has got to stept up are ISU will give us fits Saturday. Just not sure what is going on we seem to be regrassing instead of getting better. I know we have some injuries but the team will have to play with cards they given. Take away the turnovers that the D got and we lose that game. My friends y'all have a great week and Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud.
  7. I always been here my friend just didn't post that much. I always enjoy reading posters not as craze as OB can be. My friends y'all have a great week
  8. We have seen UM have a health scare only to show his ugly mug somwere else. But you really have to ask like Saben how much more coaching is left in him. My friends y'all have a great week
  9. We had some great games with Arkansas and I wish we could get the riverly started up again. I still remember 1969 like it was yesterday and I still relive that game every time it's on TV. I might be wrong but I bet Arkansas would like to be back with Texas and Oklahoma in the same conference. My friends y'all have a great weekend and "Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud"
  10. Aron That pain you felt in your noise was the ring your wife clamped in is what she will be leading you around by. The only way you can handle that is JimsTexas guide on how to handle a woman. Set the ground rule early. That is the only preayer you have Just call me the trend setter and the only hope man kind has. I have been married for 51 years and I know these things. Con Grat's I hope you have a many years togather. My friends y'all have a great week The University Of Texas winning tradition will not be entrusted to the timid are the week. Never give in are up keep your Horns raised high and proud. It isn't always pretty but this is called old man writing so don't be to critical of my spelling and sentence structuring. Now a little wisdom please remember this "don't take yourself so seriously no one else does enjoy your life. Have a Jack and Coke once and a while stirred never shaken" Keep your Horns Raised high and proud
  11. Do y'all still think we will have a top ten class. The few aggies I do know think they have taken some of the great players away from Texas this year I call that crap . My friends y'all have a great week
  12. Cheese my man Happy Birthday you are one of the great guys. But when I get to be your age I hope I don't look that bad. My friends y'all have a great day
  13. Mctmatt I would hate to see a promising career end like that. The O-line has got to step up. I know they are young but the QB is there responsibility. My friends y'all have a great week
  14. The leader on offense has to be the QB who last year at this time was playing high school football. Sam I feel is going to be a winner just needs time to grow in the position. I feel the players are still behind him. This team dose have a chance to go 7 and 5 . My friends y'all have a great day

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