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  1. From what I'm hearing, this latest is the least of the "going's on" that should concern them at agy land.
  2. And you guys just took the hyphenated named guy from Louisiana and you are saying this? Looks like another 7th place sec finish for you is assured.
  3. Augie should have been fired several years ago....sound familiar? Thanks Dodds. Maybe they can have one farewell party for him and Clark, save a few bucks in doing so.
  4. I've been a workout fanatic for the past 34 years. I run a lot, having logged almost 34,000 miles now. I also belong to Golds Gym and lift three days a week. It's like a religion for the wife and I. She is eight years younger than me. We've been married almost 34 years and she is as dedicated as I am...thank goodness! I love working out, and will as long as I'm able too. I hit the big 65 this year but have stayed at 168# at 6'1". My weight doesn't fluctuate but 2-3 pounds ever. We try to eat really well Mon through Fri and on weekends we eat pretty much what we want at dinner.
  5. I fancy myself a student of human nature, but I'm struggling to reconcile the last sentence with "great guy". Let me see if I got this: outside his idiosyncrasies and general defects of character, he is a keeper?
  6. I wouldn't put much stock in that yet. He is wanting to get to know the new coaches.
  7. I have shoes 32 years old lol! We live southwest, so I kind of support the Southpark Meadow area near Slaughter and I35. I'm retired, so I don't drive it much at rush hour but it's not that bad IMO. There are alternate routes to downtown via Congress and 1st Street, etc.
  8. Exactly, and one need think no further back that this past season to understand why this would be huge.
  9. Ash is actually doing exceptional and shows NO signs of the concussion issues right now and hasn't for almost 6-8 weeks. Fully released by the specialist and is going through all workouts. Has looked exceptionally sharp too.
  10. We haven't "lost" him. In fact, Burton just raised his crystal ball on him to 80% Texas based on new intel he got. You do realize UCF is close to his home and destroyed big 12 champ Baylor in their bowl?
  11. If true: 1. We got the message 30 posts ago. 2. It took you to articulate it for him. Not picking on him, but it is getting real old.
  12. Prayers sent. Sounds like we lost a fine man.
  13. Let it sink in that Florida is his home and we have been recruiting him for two full weeks. I honestly don't get how some fail to understand the hill this staff has had to climb the last two weeks. The lousy job Mack did of recruiting and balancing scholarship appropriations by position has left us very thin at several key spots. It's really not hard to see and it's not going to be fixed in two weeks time. Mack screwed the program with four years of poor decisions on recruiting.
  14. I think it is very unlikely he flips from the ducks
  15. This x 1000000000000 What's with the freakin agy threads. C'mon guys. Geeez
  16. Moral victory I suppose. As stated, all the 2015 offers, except a few, are getting a fresh look and he isn't a wanted commodity. No disrespect to him, but just Wickline and company doing business.
  17. Let's hope, but your thread title is very misleading
  18. Same way we took the top LB out of Ohio?
  19. If I'm not mistaken, Mizzou offered one of them last summer, so, yeah, I'm concerned.
  20. IMO, much better passer than Swoopes.

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