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  1. This is what I think for what its worth. Saban does NOT like disruption.Saban was caught in a bar fight with Mack Browns stubborness and Brown's dragging out his retirement.also the press daily hastle about the Texas position as well as his players asking him daily if he was coming back. He had a bowl game ahead with a question mark over MB retiring. So what do you do to get out of the lime light. You sign an extension without a buyout provision. MB retires. Saban plays his bowl game and keeps his players head in the game. There is a dead period for recruiting during this period. Texas could wait until after Alabama's Bowl game. Saban then has a change of heart and signs with Texas. Kirby Smart takes the Alabama HC. Saban is now dealing with Patterson and Powers has lost alot of his power in dealing with a new coach.Saban is in line to probably triple what he gets at Alabama with the oil deals awaiting him if he signs with Texas, It may not happen but you never know.
  2. BMD's were played by Powers...Ever have a hate on for a person- How could he put himself over what was best for UT
  3. Why would Texas want anyone MB endorces...................MB ego killed the Saban deal and you want Texas to trust MB>>>>>>>>>>UGH
  4. Mack brown is in my opinion is a cancer who only cares about his own ego and to hell with what's best for ut
  5. Mack brown in my opinion is a cancer
  6. Bill Snyder of Kansas State is doing pretty good and he is 74
  7. It seems to me that OB lags behind what is really happening in current events. Inside Texas is on top and ahead of events but I am finding that Horn Sports is closing fast. Really enjoy your post. Less critical responses from posters and better information.
  8. Didn't I see where UT was talking to Notre Dame for another 6 games to be scheduled in the future
  9. what is UT W/L rate at Baylor vs playing them at home..........I keep reading how hard it is for a team to win at Baylor. Especially UT.
  10. Mac had a good run. It time for him to go.
  11. It is hard to lock in on a main Thanksgiving game like we use to have with UT having a different team each year that it plays on turkey day. We use to played A&M every year and now its who is up next to choose from/hard to get a rival.
  12. I belong to two (2) other sites and you are right about the on going attacks on fellow posters. Sometimes you just shake your head and wonder why anyone would post with the numerous nonconstructive comments. This is a refreshing site. Keep up the good work.
  13. Depressing............this yoyo situation ................any good news
  14. I think everything happening is pointing to Saban coming to Texas.Yes money is important but I don't think he's coming to Texas strickly for the money. Sometimes a person just wants a change. The pressure at Alabama must be total stress. With "Bear" Bryants son not wanting him to break his fathers record and Sabans battle with higher-ups. It also appears his wife is not happy living there and an unhappy wife is real pressure.There also doesn't seem to be any kind of flow towards other coaches. It is a total vaccum in every way possible. You add to this that he has sold hs home in Alabama and purchased one in Austin speaks volumes

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