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  1. I agree. It did get out of hand. How could anyone handle being asked 300 times a day are you going. It would drive anyone crazy. So it is now an unresolved question until around Jan. 6th,,,Then the question will be answered...Fisher or Malzahn.
  2. I think either one would be a winner.But if its totally up to Patterson I think it will be Saban. With all those hunting trips they have had together over the years. Nothing like hunting together for bonding a friendship.
  3. It is always a pleasure to read your post SG. They make sense and paint a picture of truth. Excellent post.
  4. All this talk about Fisher makes my head hurt...He doesn't seem to care..
  5. For some reason I can't get it out of my mind of what Briles did to Texas in 2008 keeping them out of he National championship by voting them 5th in the final Coaches pole allowing Oklahoma to play for the National Championship.
  6. I think that there are more than few that have decomitted from Alabama lately.
  7. Ask your wife if there in anything around the house that needs your attention.
  8. The game is tied to how our QB play goes. Feel our defense will be up to the task. Not sure our offense will show up.
  9. McPhaul: If it is Saban or one of the other coaches you mentioned,I feel their assistant coaches will play an important part of their success. My question is at which point does a coach start putting out feelers to other coaches to get their interest in joining him if he decides to make the decision to accept the HC position.I am asking this question because it looks like the offer and acceptance will come sometime in January for a HC.
  10. Mack may have shot himself in the foot...He didn't wan't a 63 yr old Saban to come in and excell...I have read that MB always wanted behind the scene to break DKR record of wins at UT....Now he kills the Saban deal only to possibly have 48 year coach Fisher come in who has the years to break the DKR wins at UT and be remembered over MB.
  11. SabXan,Sab/an/SabXan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Fisher,Fisher,Fisher
  12. McPhaul you were reading my mind..But if S somehow came to Texas then you have Fisher going to Alabama with all of S recruits stocked piled over 4 years.Since Fisher is only 48 years old Alabama could still be the power house it is now.I am starting to wonder if Fisher isn't the answer at Texas. Tough choice. Do you really see Kirby Smart at Florida State. I think it would be a successful coach now in the ranks. S might be an initial splash at Texas but in the long run is he the answer for the long haul. Recruiting: you have Tim Brewster at Florida State...Defense:Jeremy Pruitt-Florida State spent 6 years with S at Alabama. Florida State is rated in the top 5 in defense and offense in nation.I am really starting to like Fisher-Your thoughts
  13. going Monday....old timers for $8.00 3D,,,,every monday,,,,,,,,,,,,,Georgetown-city lights=tks for review
  14. I think Jimbo Fisher might be more acceptable...48 yrs old. Was OC when LSU won Nat. Championship. Was under S. at LSU,,,,espec. if he wins the big one. Has his off. and def. in top 5 nationally.Haven't ruled out S. we should have an answer after 1=2=2014.
  15. I guess we will know the truth on Jan 3, 2014....one way or another..
  16. how does he get around to coaching
  17. What I liked about Heard was he was in control all game. Passing/running..never flustered..He needs to redshirt
  18. I may be wrong but didn't Fisher basically run the football team before he became head coach for quite a few years. I think we will see either fisher or a coach that wont come to mind until Jan.2 become our head coach. The later will tear up football at Texas but I think Fisher could do a great job.Just my wishful thinking.
  19. At 73 that's all I can do..............look
  20. Do you think he will red=shirt at Texas or will have to play considering Ash can.t play.

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