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  1. Lou Holtz grandson Trey is a preferred walk-on freshman football player at UT.
  2. Sadly........... No more Mad Dog leading the team on to the field.-woof
  3. It will be interesting who the new coach will bring as asst. coaches with the dollar amount they will have to play with.
  4. Just asking..I hear Wylie is gone from UT.................Is Mad Dog still around
  5. Take away Case's 2 interceptions we could have been in this game. Our QB play didn't do our offense justice. Many times a defense feeds off what the offense does and ours failed to deliver. Just my opinion. Most of the team had the fire to win but lacked direction or coaching.
  6. You are right - there are a lot of classless remarks at OB...the remarks add nothing to the discussion at hand. I don't understand why the monitor isn't on top of some of them.
  7. I don't know about you but this has become "enough already" announce the coach asap. I know my wife would be happy.
  8. Like Patterson doesn't already have the coach picked....whoever it is
  9. I remember abe lemons....basketball...he was a draw at games just by being himself...His famous saying..(he was famous for his sayings)"If you finish last in your league they call you an idiot" "If you finish last in medical school they call you Doctor"
  10. I belong to OB and IT. Find this is the best site overall for down to earth discussions.
  11. This has to be one of your BEST post I have ever read of yours. You covered everything that I had questions about. My only question is would MB antics lately cause S to not come to UT>
  12. sorry brother-members of Hornsports feel your pain and our prayers go with you-God Bless
  13. Peace and quite- Some of the recent posting are anything than peace and quiet. But I agree that the noise has toned down from what it was before the MB explosion.
  14. whoever is chosen- we should know soon- keep hearing it is going to be a home run hire-we will see.
  15. All of his friends coming to UT + Saban if he comes might make it happen. The clock is ticking,
  16. Fisher because he is a lot younger and would probably be a UT longer.....or Saban ....I don't for some reason think Harbough woild be a main stay at UT for a long period of time like Fisher...He is a great coach but I have more faith in Fisher.
  17. I had a friend that played for Royal.....If a coach does not want a player he doesn't have to cut him...he can make it sooooooo hard on a player that he will quit on his own.
  18. Anubis must be seeing a MB with colored glasses. That's ok. Everyone needs a hero which is his right.
  19. Each passing day seems to take forever............Will our choice be one of excitement or disappointment.
  20. Think about it....would Saban , Fisher, or Meyers have people spying on OB or IT . That should have been a tip of a very insecure coach.
  21. Since the Amour high school All-Star game is on the 8th when many all-stars will announce who they will play for...It would be great if announced on 6th.
  22. I don't know about you guy but at times I feel like closing my computer and just wait for Jan. 6-10th...My emotions are like a ping-pong ball...back and forth,,,I can see how a Saban feels....does he really want to get envolved in this mess when our own UT people are running around in circles..
  23. I guess after the fight he wanted DOC

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