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  1. He always comes accross with to the point articles
  2. I keep waitimg for Chip to throw in Mike Leach
  3. bad outcome for big 12-Bayor won the big 12 and loses 52-42...how far the big 12 has fallen
  4. New home and surroundings Large budget for asst. coaches closer to deer lease
  5. Sirhornsirlot=you are right on-you couldn't have said it any better-tks
  6. A friend of mine said if S came to Texas he would eat crow. Man I would love to see him eat crow. I would make his life miserable. I guess we all have someone like this we are having to deal with.
  7. I thought I read somewhere where a certain coach we are after was concerned about out facilities. Said they were Not up to par with the facilities he had and woud have to be upgraded if he came.
  8. If this is true.why would you offer a coach who it appears is begging Michigan to take him. His heart is with michigan. Not with Texas. TU would be dumped the first time Michigan called. Do you really want coach who is using you as a rest stop until another offer from michigan. I have read in other posts that harbough's dream job is Michigan.
  9. Isn't it great to post a question and discuss it inteligently without name calling. THAT is why I like Horn Sports. Tks for the discussion.
  10. Just a question. Here it is jan.1 ,2014 and all you are hearing is names being thrown out like UT has no idea at this stage of the game where we are at on our next coach. I understand that a coach needs to be veted.I feel we should basically know that coaches 1-2-or 3 is not only interested but we have a good feel they will accept the position if asked. We are basically dealing with 1 agent who handles most of the coaches we are looking at. Duh....Either they are interested or we move on. Patterson does not seem to be an AD that hasn't at this point made up his mind who that coach is going to be. So...why the continuing smokescreens. don't see why they are needed.
  11. At this point in the game why all the smokescreens? Are they really needed? To be this far along and we are still acting like we don't know who our new coach is going to be doesn't speak too well for the UT search committee. They should be at the point in the process that they SHOULD know certain coaches will accept the position if asked. Just my opinion. Only wish for the best for UT. But this ping pong back and forth as of Jan. 1, 2014 doesn't add up.
  12. Am I hearing Patterson is considering Strong a HR hire,,,,,please say NO........wasn't Fisher asking his staff if they if any would consider going to UT a week ago.
  13. So Harbaugh has a super bowl ring-Remember Charlie Weis- ND-He had 4 super bowl rings-how did he do as a college coach-Harbaugh has been in the NFL for 16 years dealing basically with grown men- Not 17-20 year old kids - or the recruiting trail. That is why Patterson needs to hang his hat on a proven current college head coach. I like Saban for a quick instant fix....Fisher provides long term improvement in defense and offense-top 5 in both catagories nationally and is only 48 years old. Briles has shown great offense and recruiting but his defense has always been suspect.
  14. 1. Saban 2Fisher 3Briles Leaning towards a coach with current college experience.
  15. you hit it on the head as far as I can see...good write up
  16. agree with jmmore912-smokescreen= we will pay what is needed to get the coach we want
  17. Ask youself-If a coach was offered 30 Big ones as an indirect bonus to sign with UT and a 7.5 to 10 Big ones a year to coach would that coach not consider that a serious offer- to take under advisement.
  18. I guess we will know one way or another this week-end..............................
  19. Saban then Fisher now Saban or Fisher. Both would be a HR.............Saban would make a bigger opening splash...for a long run I believe it would be Fisher
  20. Agree with "hookem horns" New coach can make all the difference

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