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  1. per TOP STARR Mack Brown did not say this at the Friday Banquet, but Saturday when he had the team and commits over to his house for breakfast a nd visit after Steve Patterson told Mack he had to retire today (Saturday .....You have an angry old man throwing a final fit and showing his true colors trying to harm the UT program....MB is gone....so we don't need anymore MB haters or MB lovers...............glad he is gone..
  2. Have been out of the loop for 2 weeks taking care of elderly parents. I still don't understand keeping Chambers when it appears Tim Brewer was interested in Texas. As a recruiter I have heard he excells. Has it been verified that Chambers is the anoited TE coach and Brewer out. Just got back today and got back on line. Looks like our recruiting are taking some hits.
  3. The way Strong is coming on MB may find he did UT a favor when he made sure Saban didn't come. Which wasn't his intent, His real purpose was to not have a quality coach come in and have success. Rebuild what had fallen.
  4. How would they measure up tied to a UT status report 2015..on the state of UT football.There has been quite a bit of discussion pro and con and it would be interesting who called it right. Bottom line is we all bleed orange and only want the best for the program. Hookem...
  5. I don't like Watson because he to me is an average OC...We could do better.-Everybody loved Greg Davis when UT won the National Championship averaging over 50 points a game. Then he became a boo target...Watson beat a 3-9 team in 2013 Memphis 20-13..7 of the teams he beat had losing records.(most were lucky to win 3 games,) Respect Charlie Strong=feel our defense will be very strong...Saying everyone should respect CS hirings doesn't flow...How many are raising their hands on Chambers. I have been a UT fan for over 40 years. Want them to win in the worst way. But feel everyone on this board has the right to their opinion. We all get carried away a times. .
  6. Watson is Stongs guy...But wait we were promised a HR hire. Enters Patterson..Charlie we need a HR hire....Watson isn't a HR hire but he is Charlies guy. Paint a picture of looking at OC's-drag.... it out....Watson it seems is NOT being looked at or wanted by any college or Univ. How can Charlie bring him over...Lets make Watson a QB coach..Get him over but not much fallout will happen...then make your new OL coach the co- run OC......bring in a WR coach....then guess what...Watson is the passing co/OC..So how do you co-ordinate...Someone has to call the plays.............WATSON...Charlie gets his way. ..
  7. Riley because he can bring his QB from his team last year to UT
  8. Why would you go out and hire a O/C that cost you a large buy-out and have him for 1-2 years maybe. Why not try to get a O/C that would be around for 3-5 years like Shanahan(UT) grounded or Riley (age)....both could do the job. With Riley you get his QB who can transfer and also set many passing records. I would think Strong wants coaches who he can count on= for a period of time. Didn't he say he wanted to sign coaches to 3 yr contract,
  9. If Watson didn't take the QB position coach he probably would be pounding the pavement. A CS Loyality hire.
  10. Would anyone think in a thousand years that out of all the UT coaches CHAMBERS made the cut
  11. Bye Chambers...............If not today he won't make a second year............what a wasted choice...for an asst. coach
  12. Doesn't make sense for Chambers..we can't carry 10 asst coaches..we already have 3 asst coaches on def side. + DC.= 4...Need a O/C .+ rec. coach;=2 Have a running back coach, QB coach + OL coach + chambers TE=4 this all total 10 and you can only cary 9. Who is odd man out.
  13. It looks like Strong is combining the positions of DL and DE into 1 position. Ok makes sense Why would you supposidly hire Chambers for TE wow when you could combine WR and TE under Wyatt who is a great coach and recruiter. 2. Watson has supposidly not seen any interest by any college as a hire so lets bring him to Texas.
  14. Since it appears Henson is not coming thing about Kyle Shanahan...read post that in 4 out of six years in NFL was in top ten in offense. Texans had great years with Shanahan,

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