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  1. I don't or didn't think sexton was toms agent. Maybe I'm wrong. LSU isn't gentlemen's agreed upon just yet, however he is far from a guarantee to Texas that most want to think. I believe Charlie gets to 8 wins and he is the best for sure thing we have or can get.
  2. You are correct, they know they need to play better. Trust me they know. They are doing everything they can to try and fix their "problems" on defense. Yes in most businesses you get fired if you don't perform. However this isn't most businesses. He will have his change to get to 8 wins, if he does he will still be here and 10 wins will happen next year. It sucks to lose no doubt, but most people had us at 8 wins max this year based on our schedule. And no i do not believe that should be Texas standard, but unfortunately its where our program has dropped to. It is on the rise however whether you can see it or not. Hook'em
  3. IF He gets to 8 wins, strong that is, and there will be no new head coach in austin!! I forgot to put that IF in front.
  4. Things will get interesting with Curtis now that td is off the list. I will find out why Kai changed numbers if anyone wants to know. 😎
  5. Right now Charlie is safe. I reiterate right now. The bickering between young and old is actually seen as a good thing. Charlie has recruited some kids that have fight. They are not afraid to back down from anyone. Yes the technique is not quite there, but the heart is. Dylan is lucky he didn't get his ass whipped in the locker room. This isn't the first time he has popped off. Just the first time publicly. He forgets to watch his position during film evidently. Also the locker room isn't as divided as you might think. However there are some spilt blood types still in the locker room. Soooo when Charlie pulls the plug on them this week, it will cause a little ripple if we lose. Need ol in a bad way.
  6. Looks like wickline isn't afraid to throw some freshman to the wolves. Connor Williams was starting at left tackle and held his own. Kid is going to be a monster one day and make a lot of money in the nfl. Catalon and foreman looked very good at running back today. Depth will not be an issue. Swoopes looked pretty good today. Kid is busting his ass and not making it easy for anyone to pass him. Good or bad. Heard had a great run today on a read I believe it was. But not close to over taking swoopes right now. Don't sleep on Dorian. He looks to fill the spot of some outgoing seniors. And do it well. On the defensive side the d line did well today. Ridgeway is a monster plan and simple. Linebackers had an average day. Jinkens was only one who stood out. Malik just missed a punishing hit that might have knocked out a receivr. Secondary was very solid.
  7. Swoopes has gained muscle weight, not fat weight. Yes he can outrun some of our receivers. If you had never seen texas play, and came to a workout, you would look at him and say he has to be a beast on the field. We will know next week if his hard work will pay off when the pads come on. Heard isn't complacent at all. He was complacent last year. He is working his butt off as well this offseason. He never expected to play and acted like most freshman do when they come into big college football. James.......... The next two weeks will tell us a huge amount about how swoopes has developed as a leader and football player.
  8. Think what they are saying is speed is close to same, not quickness. Cuts aren't as crisp, but he can move when he gets going.
  9. https://twitter.com/kris23db/status/562474794986131456 Posted own thread but guess should go in here also. Mods can move it if feel need to.
  10. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  11. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  12. Would be a huge huge huge flip. You have to think Calvin Murray is in his and brothers ear also. Malik effect is big, but Murray effect would send shockwaves.
  13. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Interesting to say the least
  14. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Interesting.
  15. Think this was to be expected. Not meaning mj exactly, but more "cutting of the fat." However, I don't like the naming of names before they happen.

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