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  1. If by funny you mean a POS douchebag, then I agree
  2. He will magically qualify at ou, no doubt about it
  3. The last thing I am worried about are 2015 kids
  4. His story is complete bs. I've practiced criminal law for 20 years and I can say with a strong degree of confidence that there is much more to the story and would bet this had to do with drugs.
  5. You are dead wrong. Just tweeted 100% firm to ND and the decision is final
  6. The proverbial shoe is Definitely on the other foot now. Mack Raellt screwed us dragging his announcement out.
  7. Great pickup. Apparently from his photo, he's a fan of the shocker. But turn again , who isn't ?
  8. At least give Eric from OB's credit for the gif. It's hilarious though. As far as brown goes, we worked pretty had to get arrested.
  9. They know 100% for sure that they are our little biach
  10. The misinformation being put out is comical at this point
  11. Being real is bound to get something right sooner or later after 7,678,567,990,557,990 wrong tweets

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