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  1. Gerry said he cancelled this afternoon. For whatever reason, things have gone south in the Robinson-UT relationship. Could be why we offered the Florida DT last week.
  2. I had thought Rising would play in tonight's game. So I picked Utah. No Rising. Utah loses. lol
  3. Nobody in town likes "The Lew" on the front of their jerseys. Of course, LISD doesn't care. lol "The Lew" is something they concocted and the residents aren't familiar with.
  4. Take Utah off the undefeated list. Oregon St. 21 Utah 7 4th Can't tell much about this game with Rising not playing. You wonder if he would have a big enough difference to turn the game, but we'll never know. Hope Rising returns soon.
  5. For good reason. Kansas is a very good football team. This will be the best QB we've seen so far. Both OL and DL are better than last year. We'll need to play up to our standard to win.
  6. I'm having issues as well on my MacBook
  7. 38-6 is a mudhole, as far as I'm concerned. While Baylor was having a QB issue, their defense was still Aranda quality.
  8. From CTJ Regarding some of the outstanding targets: -ATM feels great about Bussey but OU thinks they can close him. OU posters are bizarrely confident on this one given that no one besides their mods think they have a chance. What I have been told is "he could have picked ATM any time and given them a boost. why hasn't he?" but my response to that is that Black could have done the same for Texas and we feel fine on him, right? -The aggie moderators are hinting that they might have the lead on Solomon Williams after he visited for the Auburn game. The posters are fawning over him, as they should. If Texas actually leads and locks him up this weekend, the whiplash those posters will have as they play down Williams as a recruit will require chiropractic help. -Sure seems like there could be some interesting developments both this weekend and at the Cotton Bowl with guys not completely on the radar, but I know very little about what those developments will be.
  9. I have my password in my keychain, I think. If I have to login, it just shows up when I start typing my screen name or email address. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case. lol
  10. Fair point. But I think if players like Gorman-Welch and Merrill were going to be forced out, that would have happened last year. I think our departures will be at a minimum. Look at the players who are seeing regular PT right now. Few teams have a list like ours.
  11. I think Sark really values the ability to get a guy with skills and experience who can play and contribute right away. The more inexperienced HS players he gets, the fewer options he gets with the portal. Sark has already said he is reserving spots in this class for portal players. So this isn't speculation at all.
  12. McKinney has a very good team this year. They wiped out Longview a couple weeks ago.
  13. My top five, in order, would be: 1. Michigan 2. Texas 3. Georgia 4. Washington 5. Oregon Not sold on OSU or FSU. FSU was lucky last weekend, took a freak play for them to win. Georgia is overrated and need help at QB, IMO. Washington would beat OSU by two TDs, IMO.
  14. 1. Utah 2. Arky 3. Georgia 4. LSU 5. ND 6. Kentucky 7. BYU 8. USC 9. Pitt 10 Texas 45 points – aggy vs pig
  15. I think it is firm. Sark wants to be able to land some immediate help. You take more High schoolers you lose that ability. If a 4-star OL wants in and his name isn't Deandre Carter, I don't think we take him. We will stop at Carter if we can get him to flip.

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