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  1. By your logic then, Worthy has lost two games for us. Move over Bijan, Worthy dropped a TD pass in that game. He also dropped one in the Bama game. If Worthy makes that catch, Bijan isn't fumbling. And it wouldn't have mattered if he did, with the extra 7 points from Worthy. "If Ifs and buts were cotton candy, at Christmas time we'd all be dandy" Don Meredith
  2. Okay, QB pressures mean nothing. QBs are not affected in any way by people in their face.
  3. Don't be so hung up on the sacks. A QB pressure means we're affecting the decision-making of the QB in a negative way. We may also be affecting the way he throws, who he throws to, etc.
  4. We count all the minutes the teams play. I don't think time is a consideration we're looking at here, or at least I'm not.
  5. There's no reason on earth that you can't see things that way. Its a free country. But you're in a quiet room there with that one. There's not a coach on the planet who would agree with you.
  6. Nice post. However, you're smart enough to realize the most damning evidence that defeats your point is – who led their team to victory? As for the criticism of the attempts, any coach will tell you that if it takes 72 passes to win a game, thats what you do. They had more snaps than we did mostly because we couldn't keep our offense on the field.
  7. But you can give one to a player who threw an INT? lol No one play lost the game. You should know better. What if Card doesn't launch an INT? Maybe things are different?
  8. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ci8b9KdtUfq/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY%3D&fbclid=IwAR3C_yjw17qGyWoJMAN5xoAbZmUCKXpV5il3q0VMEPx5HotH7qgFAr_IRHU Coach Joey is usually a class act but this fell quite short. If it didn't mean anything to Tech to beat Texas, why do they rush the field every single time it happens? He needs to learn more about the school that employs him.
  9. I'd give it to Bijan, despite having only 16 carries he had over 100 yds rushing and two touchdowns. He also had another 22 yards receiving. We can stop calling it the Wild Cat since we only run one play out of it. Everyone knows what is about to happen when Roschon lines up at QB. So please, no.
  10. I don't think Card was OPG, so I can't answer that question for that reason.
  11. Tech's QB had 60 more yards passing and 2 TD passes and no INTs (while Card had one INT). He also had 42 yards rushing with 1 TD. Card had one long rush (22 yds) which made up most of his 24 yards rushing. Smith was agile and moved well in the pocket, was a threat to run obviously. He also had the ability to throw the long ball. Card isn't very agile, doesn't move well and had a nice run because the space was there (tech didn't respect his running ability). He was also limping in the 2nd half. I rest my case. https://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore/_/gameId/401404082
  12. "And their (spelled right) coachinthan ours a lot better." You really can't spin something that makes no sense. I think you're safe there. lol
  13. I think he's referring to the conclusion of Texas being back. The Bama game showed that. The Tech game didn't. What is probably more accurate is that it might affect the immediate future. Like you said, start winning and that goes away as a fluke loss.
  14. I think you're putting way too much thought into this. It leads to a destination that appeals to you. McGuire won at home, in OT, by 3 against an offense with a poor second team QB. Their second team QB was better than ours. A lot better.
  15. Tech stacked the box and dared Card to beat them deep. He couldn't. So our run game wasn't what it normally would be had we featured a legit deep ball game.
  16. The sense of entitlement thing is from the past. Personally, I did not witness any of that during the Tech game and I suspect thats why you didn't try to give an example. The players run the plays the coaches call. They do the things the coaches teach. I didn't see anybody coasting. We're not meeting the late game surge from the opposing team. Thats because we're not making the appropriate late game defensive adjustments.
  17. Maybe you're confused. Just because they won a game doesn't mean he has his culture changed. If you were right, our culture would already be changed because we won a game.
  18. I'm not trying to change your mind. Thats up to you. I just wanted to give a different perspective. I think you made a good point about Sark's limited experience at HC. Like players, coaches learn from their mistakes. At least the good ones do. We'll see which one Sark ends up being. I'd like to see PK let go and move Patterson in his place. But then again, Patterson had a lot to do with the game plan we just witnessed. He didn't take a week off. Tech logged 100 offensive plays. Part of that was because our defense allowed them to, and part of that is because our offense wasn't consuming much clock. Tomorrow has promise. If it didn't, there'd be no point in getting up in the mornings.
  19. Part of the problem is that we think we know what's going on, we think we know where this is going. We've been trained, like seals, to be this way simply because of the experience of the past 15 years. The thing I know to be certain and is not speculation is that change happens whether we like it or not. Change is one of life's few certainties. I look around and I already see change. What would have Tom Herman's team have done against Bama? What would Charlie's team have done? None of their rosters looked like the one I see today. Across the board we're building a better team. It is not a finished product. Anyone who has ever built anything in their lives knows there are hiccups along the way. We lost to Tech, in Lubbock, by two points in OT. Thats not exactly losing to KU from last year. Tech is a very good football team. If they play OU like they played us, they'll beat them too. But this was a hiccup. We're only four games in. This path can lead to anywhere. Things may very well look similar now, but it doesn't mean it will stay that way. We've got some brilliant minds, great teachers on staff. We don't know what this team will achieve or not achieve this year. Not yet.

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