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  1. A game that really worries me on our schedule this year is the season and home opener against Louisiana. We get a team in Louisiana that finished the 2020 season at 10-1. They return most of that team and in particular, the skill positions and OL. They opened the season last year fast, beating Iowa State in Ames, and beat them soundly 31-14. Meanwhile, we're breaking in a new HC and staff with both new offensive scheme and defensive scheme as well as a new QB. Color me worried.
  2. The federal takeover is well underway. It will be up to the states if they remain sovereign states or allow the central communist government to control them.
  3. I would never set foot in whatever park that ends up being. What a crock and what pitiful people who live that way.
  4. From a Vanderbilt mod: "I am expecting Texas to be the landing spot for Disu. I am told that Disu has a "do not contact" tag in the portal, which usually means that the player has already determined a destination. Stackhouse must be apoplectic"
  5. That is what we used to call "commode-hugging stupid."
  6. OU BBQ = Advantage Texas We've seen what Riley thinks is good BBQ.
  7. I'm loving the way this roster is shaping up. If Simms stays, look out. I expect Beard to land another big, one way or the other.

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