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  1. Yeah, but as usual, that's just talk. Why OV Michigan when there's no way Manning is going there? Because you're not really tied to him, thats why.
  2. So now Johntay Cook is enamored with Michigan and has an OV set up there for June. Texas, who has been in on him for a year before Michigan somehow found his phone number, doesn't have an OV scheduled with Cook. I think this is where I part ways with Cook. I hope we fill up at WR before Cook makes a decision.
  3. I'd be more impressed if his hair was green and gold, DeSoto's colors.
  4. 1. LB or OL 2. LB or OL 3. LB or OL 4. IMO, Addison.
  5. As we all know by now, we suck until we don't. It appears that we have a hot sports opinion suggesting we will stop sucking this season, at least after the Bama game. This is a big deal folks.
  6. That would be a nice get. One of my favs in this crowd.
  7. Keilan Robinson. From Alabama. Struggles to get touches here. I don't think that stripe means what you think it does.
  8. Thats with an 85 limit. So it wouldn't be relative.
  9. It won't matter. You won't be able to talk a bunch of good players into standing in line behind 3 others. They'll go where they can play. The DKR days are a thing of the past. Back then, it wasn't a me-me-me environment.
  10. I have high hopes that Finkley and Sorrell can be the answer at DE. If they can make some noise, then the interior can be more active. Everybody who watched practices kept saying out Finkley was playing like a veteran. They also raved about Sorrell's progress. I remain hopeful. The secondary should be legit.
  11. I think he will take another visit after the coming Bama visit. I think he'll get to Bama and realize there's a ton of talent there. The path to more passes might be elsewhere. A place like Miami might pull off the upset if they could get him down there. He could do well there.

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