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  1. I thought that was a perfect fit. Chang will do well.
  2. So we're now qualifying teams based on their ability to beat one of our worst teams in the past 40 years? No, these are not serious player schools. Those are Mountain West type schools.
  3. Can you say that a little louder? Kate didn't hear you
  4. Gerry Hamilton has CB'd Vasek to Texas. Keep an eye on Connor Stroh. Kid was blown away.
  5. They added no real major power. Cinncinatti was a cinderella story. BYU is consistent but never great. Houston is Houston. Just nothing to really get excited about.
  6. There's a rumor going around the net today that Brini (Georgia) is coming to Texas. Arkansas, the other major contender, has stopped following him on social media. We'll see. Would be a big time pick up.
  7. I stopped counting turnovers at 20. We simply have to do better. Texas pulls out the win, 56-51. Next up, TCU at Gallagher-Iba. If you want a preview, the Iowa State-TCU game followed the Texas game. Next Saturday, Texas welcomes Rick Barnes and his #24 Tennessee Volunteers.
  8. If it were up to UT, we'd already paid whatever they want and left for the SEC. The issue is OU. They can't or won't pay and UT won't pay for them. I suppose that means that whatever discounted agreement we might come up with, OU can't or won't pay it. There are some things involving the sudden expansion that will eventually give us some leverage.
  9. Up by three, 37-34 Marcus Carr has got to stop turning the ball over
  10. Those first three will be gone after next year.
  11. Negative. When the three parties begin that conversation, it will be started by the Big 12. But it will happen. There are stinks to be raised, so to speak.
  12. I don't think you're retarding the propagation. You're simply simulating winter, lol, which we're in the middle of now. But I do the very same thing with Daylilies when they seed out in early summer. I sit them three weeks in the freezer, then a week on my kitchen table, then I plant them in small pots. Believe it or not, I once lived in Killeen. I worked for the Daily Herald back when newspapers were still a thing. I redesigned it for the first time in its history. I don't know how long they maintained my design. They were owned by the same lady who owns the Temple Daily Telegraph. The lady was a bit old fashioned and wanted to keep the Temple paper away from my evil modern design lol. Anyway, yes, its' the heart of Central Texas. And because I've lived around the state a little, I can tell you that I saw more lightning when I lived in Killeen than I have anywhere else. That was strange.
  13. I think there's still plenty of time for Choice to make a difference here. When Drayton left, I'm told Owens kinda became more serious about others.

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