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  1. 2 INTs is your definition of a "interception machine?" I think someone has pissed in your Cheerios. You're ticked at the entire world right now. lol
  2. He's not being asked to win huge games for us with his legs. I never asserted that Casey was winning huge games with his legs. His legs extend plays and enable passing opportunities that would otherwise not exist with a QB being sacked because he can't move. Casey only took a few shots at running today and was fairly successful, picking up a crucial first down in one instance on an 11-yd run. You cannot explain the disappearance of Bijan Robinson in the 2nd half of both games you're referring to and use the name Thompson. Thats not on him. Perhaps there is a connection between not being able to run the ball and losing? Whoever ran the ball for OSU got all-conference with his 2nd half play. Credit our defense I suppose. I have nothing against Card. I have no problem seeing what he can do. Thing is though, I've seen what he can do. He's a known commodity. I just want to win.
  3. Spoke to one of my friends tonight. It was a short conversation but I got right to the point . . . what kind of damage did we do by crapping the bed today? Friend zeroed in on Evan Stewart . . "in a way, it couldn't have gone better. He had already connected with Sark the evening before, I mean really connected. They spoke one-on-one for over an hour, even though there were lots of people around them also talking. They were just speaking to each other for a while with no interruption. I know that after the game it appeared Stewart saw how he could have helped win this game. It was not the negative effect (the loss) that it normally would have been. We'll see where it goes but I don't feel there was any damage at all with the Stewart recruitment." "The rest, hard to say. I was paying close attention to Stewart most of the time."
  4. Oh yeah, with three losses the HC is going to tank the season. lol
  5. Card is not elusive. With this OL, the QB has to be able to run. Baylor will sack him 19 times and Card will die. Not really, but you get the point.
  6. Thats his call. He was hired to be the head coach. Card did what every back up QB in America does – come in when needed. Look, you know we have a porous at best OL. Card can't outrun our punter. Thompson works in this offense. Give it a rest.
  7. He's hardly been an interception machine and you are clearly hysterical and probably just need a toddy and a lounge chair for about an hour or so.
  8. Dude, they interviewed Sark after the second game and asked him directly. He answered directly. You don't get to speak for the horse's mouth.
  9. Sark had already said he had no intention of red-shirting Card.
  10. On one play where OSU gashed us on the ground, a hole opened on over their Right Guard and for a second, Gbenda had the angle to plug the gap. Instead, he shuffled to his left and went dancing with an OL. I agree, Ford played himself a game.
  11. Staying in the two-high safety look there in the 4th while we were being gashed on the ground was on PK. It was inexplicable.

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