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  1. Probably a scheduling partnership and not a merger, unfortunately. If the Big 12 decides to merge and Pac 12 is good with that (minus Tech, Iowa State and W Virginia) then Texas' obligation to the Big 12 is then over since it would no longer exist.
  2. I found it interesting that Ewers turned 18 back in March. He would have been 19 well before he would have got a diploma.
  3. It works both ways, nothing to get excited about. Jimbo really wanted Bryan Allen, for instance. Pretty sure cornbread wasn't involved.
  4. He'll commit to Aggy. Whether he stays in their class is another thing. I think his heart is with UT, but aggy has done a fabulous job recruiting him, even selling him on their defensive front 7. Win and we're back in it. Coupled with some aggy bad luck and it happens sooner rather than later.
  5. Kate is late, having a hard time getting it together today. lol
  6. We've had more three-stars in past years and if we get one more – we'll have as many as OU. We have two more 4-stars than OU has. The #1 class in the land right now, Penn State, has TWICE as many 3-stars as we do. Notre Dame and LSU both have 1 more than we do. There are plenty of things to worry about, but this isn't one of them.
  7. Yeah, but there's still ice cream men trying to sneak into your dorm late at night. Don't they know this?
  8. I think Tech has something up its sleeve. Just have no clue what that is. But its got to be another conference thing. They could dominate Conference USA. lol
  9. Well, it is if you call your shot by saying "by end of week."

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