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  1. No, nothing's really happening fast except the changing of your story. One minute you're boasting about ND, Bama and Georgia pursuing him. Then it turns out ND sent a coach to Lake Travis (where ND has a commit and Hudson Card is not enrolled) and you interpret that to mean ND is interested in Card? Seriously? From what you've said previously, I was under the impression you knew how this plays out. Apparently not.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cl4T0DOvnz1/?igshid=Nzg3NjI1NGI%3D This apparently means Worthy is coming back, reading the comments and all. Looks like we are worthy.
  3. Lots of recruits will be hesitant to come, having to sit behind Arch.
  4. But you said he had Notre Dame, Alabama and Georgia interested in him. Why would he wait to see what Duggan does at TCU? Or are you saying without saying that ND, Bama, and GA aren't really coming for Card?
  5. Stanford is playing a highly unfair game. They won't accept undergraduate transfers, only grad transfers. But any Stanford player can enter the portal if they want.
  6. Tulsa's defense was horrid this year. 400 points given up on the year. Even Temple did better.
  8. But that's empty. Nothing but pure speculation by a bad sports writer. No mention of visits to any of those places. No quotes from anyone on their interest in Card. Nothing. The writer lists big time schools but has no evidence to support why they are mentioned. Not even rumor mill. At the end of that article, surely you realized that you had learned nothing. So you shared it? lol
  9. What visits does Card have set up? You said ND 1st, which implies there are other visits. Surely Bama and Georgia, given their great interest, would host Card on a visit? I mean, two CFP perennial contenders are surely looking for a QB who was beaten out by a freshman two straight years at a program where they don't win too much. Give details, not just slinging stuff on the wall and hope nobody knows better. It really doesn't matter that Sark was interested in him when he was at Bama, now does it? I mean, Sark had Card at his complete disposal and chose to play someone else instead. Your case is so weak you are forced to go back to happier times? lol
  10. My Dad served in WWII, in the Pacific theater, specifically Guadalcanal. He was Navy and was sent in right after the Marines took the island. He said he could still smell the blood and gunpowder when they arrived.
  11. This. The quality isn't necessarily as deep as you might think. It's spotty. Look at who is going to the portal from Texas. They'll land somewhere and I wish them well, but they aren't really big gets. They get another shot though. Its definitely rolling the dice.

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