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  1. Terrell-Skyline-Denton Ryan-FW Brewer. Thats four transfers for Bear Alexander now.
  2. He wants Catholic congregations to have blood on their hands.
  3. Keep them in pots until they get 2 ft high. Even then, find a good, sunny and safe place (away from foot traffic) for it. Lots and lots of sun. Mountain Laurels are very slow growers, so be patient.
  4. You can use that, yes. If it doesn't work, switch to a copper-based fungicide. But what you have will probably work.
  5. as said above, Nike. But also the utterly fabulous facilities they have (thanks to Nike). If you've never seen a video of their stuff, you should. Coach's office is particularly cool.
  6. If you're talking about the growth that can occur near the bottom of the trunk, I would manually remove it with a good sharp knife. If the mold is in the husky hairs of a Mediterranean Fan Palm, you can spray a liquid fungicide, probably two applications about two weeks apart. The hairs can get fungus from being wrapped all winter. That should subside as the days get longer and hotter.
  7. I guess BLM really stands for Buy Large Mansions. lol Some of our friends here have been had. lol
  8. I don't think dog or cat feces have any real value to composting. City of Austin makes a product called "Dillo Dirt" which is essentially composted human fecal matter. I've tried it on some plants. It was okay. I would never plant with it for vegetables or fruit, however, because I eat those things.

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