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  1. He was asking about a RB recruit in the 25' class. I suppose he said "all conference RB" because I had said we would recruit him until signing day.
  2. https://247sports.com/Player/Caden-Durham-46128016/
  3. No, we are still after that cat. And we'll recruit him to signing day.
  4. Blue probably won't leave. I expect him to get plenty of carries this season. Blue improved a lot during the spring and appears to be highly motivated.
  5. You're probably right. I wish we were recruiting him.
  6. I bet Vanderbilt is pretty popular in the SEC when it comes to scheduling. lol
  7. What gives me pause on this is – these are three teams that, when they play Texas, it's their Super Bowl. Remove Arkie, gimme someone we're not familiar with, and I'm good.
  8. Saban is upset because the three annual opponents would be Auburn, LSU and Tennessee.
  9. Yes, I think a lot of Peoples. So did Ohio State.
  10. So how does the board feel about playing aggy, ou, and Arkiesaw every year?
  11. I understood your post perfectly. Thats why I asked if it had occurred to you . . . We went after Tatum and those other backs. Some lost interest in us, other we lost interest in. Peoples isn't far from Austin but it seemed he was open to anything that wasn't in Texas.
  12. He's a 4-star RB. What is this "low ranked player" thing? Did it ever occur to you that not all kids in Texas give UT a look? Peoples didn't want to come here, so he's not. Like someone said above, if Choice likes him, he's good. I trust a coach over rankings anyway.

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