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  1. As Ron White says...You can't fix stupid
  2. Don't think it matters for Grad transfers since they have their degree
  3. Yea, if we don't put a beat down on San Jose we will have big problems
  4. Looks pretty good now in the 2md quarter. They're thumping that San Jose defense.
  5. That's why the ignore feature is such a beautiful thing. I still have to scroll through these basement rants at times when guys respond via quote but it does make life so much easier.
  6. Kicking Stoops squarely in the balls is always a wonderful thing! This should silence those folks who a month ago were questioning the ability of this staff to recruit. Hookem and it's a glorious day!
  7. Herman may very well be the best thing out there. I've said all along why is he the only one being looked at? In looking at the body of work as we should, the one potentially concerning item is that the 2 losses and this challenging Memphis game have all come on the road. Now the Coogs may very well win this game today, but if you look at their season you have to look closer at road performance. Does Herman have a challenge in preparing for road games? Don't know but it bears examining before we go all in on him.
  8. While I can't go that far, I will say that I have never been more excited for a season to be over and less excited to watch the Longhorns ever.
  9. This is a great question.. with all of the love for Herman how much of an impact did that have on Charlie's hot seat? The question should have always been - do you keep Charlie as coach exclusive of the Herman stuff or anything else outside the program? IMO that answer is yes. I was a huge supporter, but this year has changed my mind - no need to get into depth here, I just don't believe he is the answer. So if that is the case, this should not impact the decision on Strong. There are definitely other options out there better than Strong and now we should be looking at them and reaching out. While this situation will cause a melt down among those who assumed Herman was a done deal - this should in no way change the fact that we need a change at the Head Football Coach.
  10. Saw the scroll on ESPN ...it did say that there could be a deal and it could be announced Saturday. They are referencing Horns Digest as the source so who knows. If so, props to SHA who gave us that information a few weeks ago
  11. Maybe I'm missing something here but I can't see John Harbaugh as an alternative at all. Other than being Jim's brother what's the excitement about? Hasn't coached in college in 20 years, and I'm hard pressed to identify an NFL coach that has come to the college game and hasn't sucked. I'll give you Pete Carroll, but look at the mess he left behind. IMO hiring him would be akin to Nebraska when they hired Callahan...set the program back another 3 years. Again, am I missing something with this because I can see ton's of better options

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