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  1. Even at his announcement ceremony he didn't look like he even wanted to be there.
  2. So if I am reading that list correctly, did an A&M satellite school rank higher than A&M?
  3. Well on the bright side of today I just asked my 3yr old what color my shirt is and she said "Hook em Horns color." Good enough for me.
  4. I guess it is safe to say we ran into a Wall named Justin today.
  5. You can twist it however you want but we won the tournament. I don't give a flying f*** who we played, we had to win 4 without losing 2 and we won 4 straight. Also, you do realize that the guy in charge is responsible for a very large part of what TEXAS baseball is? You always talk about Augie like he has only won a few games and is an embarrassment to Texas Baseball. Am I disappointed in this season? Damn right I am, but acting like a crybaby every damn time something goes wrong is a sad way to go through life.
  6. Juan I hope that means he is good to go. He is EASILY my favorite recruit from that class
  7. Anyone know what channel it switched to on Dish in Austin? What kind of bullshit is that?

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