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  1. Sham, I agree. Unfortunately it seems as though we have travelled a similar path. I'm fairly familiar with you from our old days at OB and on the renegades board. My mom had brain cancer a few years back when my wife and I were in Austin. She was in Houston. We moved back for her too. She passed after 15 months fighting that thing. How's your daughter doing?
  2. just a follow up on yesterday's Braxton Miller conversation. Higdon confirmed today that BM is not the big surprise he's been alluding to for a month or so. He also added that BM is too much of a risk with our current QB situtation. Said he might not even be able to throw until last July because of his hurt shoulder. That certainly puts a new perspective on wanting BM...
  3. Juan, you are 1/2 way correct in what I recall, but I could be off. I know he, Higdon, has said that Miller isn't the type of qb we were looking for. I don't recall him saying that Miller for sure wasn't coming.
  4. If Higdon is to be believed, it's not a transfer qb. He has continually said that a transfer qb is the last thing you will see in this class, for now at least. That could change if some of the other qbs we are chasing dont come to fruition.
  5. yes. Higdon has said that everyone left on the Texas board has scheduled their OV's with Texas. Many of them simply haven't announced it publicly yet.
  6. I thought the big 12 commish said there is a waiver in the contract in which we could ask the ncaa for a championship game even with only 10 teams. NCAA would probably agree to it.
  7. No, not unless they've changed it in the last couple years since I played it. My advice, enjoy the views cause its a tough course. Love that place.
  8. Sorry if I came across as attacking you, my response was pretty short. I was just trying to clarify. I know Pockey from a couple other boards, he's good people.
  9. There is more than one Jennifer Lawrence. He's telling the truth.
  10. No, you're doing it wrong. You are supposed to compare Strong's DT choices with Mack's RB choices. RB recruits is where Mack strikes gold for DT's.
  11. He's yoked! Is he bigger than Bennie?
  12. done as in he sent shaunsters the email again.
  13. No guarantee with anyone. Texas is a different place. Even Saban has shown issues with stopping a good spread attack. He'd see one more than twice in this league. Eventually you have to take a chance on someone...
  14. http://Www.amtekusa.com http://Www.civcastusa.com Civil construction reporting service and plan room in Texas. Also host a website that allows engineers to post projects and distribute plans electronically. There's a lot more to it but it's hard to explain succinctly.

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