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  1. We have several really big BMDs and BMDs run Texas. Always have and always will. If they are pissed at Patterson for going a different direction, his life at Texas will be hard and very short. The tail does not wag the dog. Especially at Texas. They forced out Dodds and Mack with Powers to be next very soon. Patterson needs to embrace this or leave. We can all argue about how dumb it may be, none of that matters to them.
  2. If anything, I think I need to start hitting the bottle after this announcement. We're Aggie copy cats
  3. This sucks ass. $5M a yr for Strong? Kidding me?
  4. Please let this be more smoke.
  5. Looks like Saban turned us down and we went with Strong. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but this is not my first Saban rodeo.
  6. Wow. Talk about riding the football short bus.
  7. While the score was a disappointing 45-31, I will take a 2 TD loss on a 10-2 "down" year versus the last 4 yrs. how many times have we lost 65-13 to OU?
  8. Mack, give it up. We know its you. Shouldn't you be packing up your office. Be sure to take your Holiday bowl trophies with you.
  9. Who would be interested in Eddy as DC? Saban? I was hoping that this would lead us to a clue, but I think a lot of people would want Eddy.
  10. I have 20+ yrs experience in sales, bus dev, marketing in the IT industry(storage/data mgmt). Based in San Antonio and don't mind travel. Hookem!
  11. Briles has never had a defense no matter where he has been. He will need one to win a national championship. He has always had great offenses and eye for spotting/developing QBs. Sidenote.... He is slime ball.
  12. Take it from a guy from Stephenville, Briles is slime.
  13. Love to compare number of wins/losses, conference titles, championships over the last 5 years with Saban vs Mack. I'm sure it was just luck and injuries that held Mack back. I think Nick's next national championship ring will have to go on his thumb.
  14. I think he added to his ring collection and Mack got a set of Ginsu steak knives. Which is not a bad prize based on his mediocre record.
  15. Pretty sure you will find that Stoops comfortabley leads the head to head match up with Brown and has 6 more Big 12 championships than Brown.
  16. We were going to win a national championship this year with Ash? Are you delusional?
  17. Almost as long as his list of times he had record blowout losses.
  18. Good luck with that. I guess that makes 12 people going to Alamo Bowl now.

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