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  1. Great speaker? Nope. Don't give a rats @ss. I want a football coach and that's what we got.
  2. LOL all of this is making my explode head.
  3. I agree that all the names being thrown out is a little crazy but we won't be seeing this craziness for quite some time (At least I hope since that means the hire works out). I think even though we want something to happen now, all the uncertainty surrounding the hire is kinda fun.
  4. Looks like Ketch is hearing it's Strong and that Gruden fell on deaf ears. I'm down with Strong. What say you?
  5. He doesn't excite those who were totally dead-set on getting Saban and think Saban is the only one who can bring us back.
  6. NFL guys are out from what I heard. So we are looking at Strong or Saban.
  7. Yeah.. it went like this. Patterson: Hi Nick. Saban: Hey Steve.
  8. It's very refreshing to read posts without tons of nukes being thrown at each other. Good job with the site so far.
  9. Monday doesn't work with my schedule... They need to go ahead and do it now.
  10. Why would Saban wait. You would think if he is going to announce it would be now, that way he can start preparing his staff and getting our last month of recruiting in.
  11. The whole Saban to Texas fiasco that was supposed to go down until Mack decided to screw things up, screwed us all over with this coaching search. We supposedly had the best looking chic in the school ready to drop her significant other and go out with us. She changed her mind because we couldn't get rid of ours. Now we are dwelling on what could've been with the best looking Senior and are blinded by the fact we have a couple smoking hot sophomore's ready to rip our clothes off... Granted they aren't the reigning homecoming queen and haven't fully reached their max potential of hotness but you can still see greatness if you stop focusing on the current hottest chic out there. This is how I see Strong. If we stop focusing on Saban and a couple of the improbables... Strong could be a great fit for us. I think he has great potential and could get us back to the top quickly.
  12. Just remind him more important things are at work here... he's a dude... he should understand.

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