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  1. Yeah, Rivals/Yahoo are still using Micky Mouse servers and 1990's message boards technology. Fortunately the mobile app is still working.
  2. Me too! I am meeting free and don't have any pressing things to get done in the lab today.
  3. Glad Bonney is going to stick with his commitment to Texas.
  4. Yeah, I just emailed Ketch and gave him grief over Rivals/Yahoo crappy servers and message boards technology. Pretty sad when the site I pay for is down and the free site is going strong
  5. Good to know. I am really excited about the upcoming recruiting possibilities.
  6. Not at all. I tend you look for multiple sources. Both Hornsports and OB felt an offer was given. I trust them a lot more than I do Burton. That said everyone's info right now has to be taken with a grain of salt until new relationships are built with the new staff and admin in the AD.
  7. Burton is the last person I would be listening to for information.
  8. He should thrive with the new defensive staff.
  9. Seriously? This again? What you are reporting is your opinion, not a fact. For starters, there has been no formal announcement on the coaching staff. We only know what we are hearing through the insider sites. Given that we know that Texas will likely have Co-OC's in Wickline and Watson. That likely means Texas runs a hybrid of the OSU/Louisville offense. I don't think you will have any trouble selling that to recruits, especially given the defense that the Horns should roll out each week.
  10. I think a whole lot of people both here and other pay sites need to step away from the keyboard and stop posting. I haven't witnessed so many Debbie Downers with their knee jerk reactions in a while.

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