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  1. Saban has something else- its called national championships and putting guys in the first round…. different story. That's a business decision.
  2. Based on the big 12 classes signed yesterday the conference could use some recruiting gimmicks. I think Sumlin has done a great job- when is the last time A&M has been relevant 3 years in a row? Bama's class signed 6 - 5 star players, the entire big 12 signed 1. As long as A&M is successful in the SEC, we will struggle with recruiting. Sumlin's attitude of having fun, working hard and having no fear will be more attractive to the masses than a militant type attitude. Think back to when you were 18- who would you rather play for?
  3. Focus on what you can change and drop the rest….MAck is gone, Saban is gone, Aggies are gone…. it is all water under the bridge. MOVE ON THE FUTURE IS NOW!
  4. lock in 2013 = no chance….perhaps the mack brown curse has been reversed on us.
  5. Not convinced anyone really needs SAP- but i do make money off the HW/services needed to support it. I am a data center sales specialist.
  6. This is the best post i have seen since Chip said his daddy Mack Brown was resigning.
  7. just looking at him makes me not want to start
  8. Wickline hasn't been an OC for 25 years- not sure i buy the "CO" title, nor do i think that makes sense. Wickline at a Glance Year By Year 1982-1983: Florida, Graduate Assistant 1984: Tennessee, Graduate Assistant 1984-1987: Delta State, Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line 1988-1994: Mississippi, Offensive Line 1995: Pearl River CC, Offensive Line 1996: SW Miss. CC, Head Coach 1997-1998: Baylor, Offensive Line 1999-2001: Middle Tenn. State, Offensive Line/Running Game/Recruiting Coordinator 2002-2004: Florida, Offensive Line/Running Game Coordinator 2005-present: Oklahoma State, Offensive Line
  9. http://www.ecupirates.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/riley_lincoln00.html
  10. Didn't mean it as a knock on anyone- but it is refreshing to hit F5 and not have a clue what I'm going to see.

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