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  1. Looks like the collies might be losing 1 QB and rumors the other one might transfer also.
  2. Perfect OC for that kid from Lake Travis that transferred from Tech.
  3. GBT, I think We played one of the worst games I have ever seen Us play or anyone else play offensively. I don't think the players wanted to be there and it showed, but I also think the Hogs at this time are probably the best team in the SEC and probably beat Bama 2 out 3 times if they re-played. I saw what their Coach put together at Wis. and it was just a matter of time until he did it at Arky. My point was let's tone down the negativity and give Charlie a chance to get his recruits here and start getting the results we are expecting. If the Cowboys had run Jimmy Johnson off after his first season, would they have had 3 Super Bowls to show for it. Let's just keep positive and I truly believe good things will happen.
  4. I don't need a refund either. Keep up the good work and keep the crap that OB allows off of this forum. We have good informed (in most cases) posters here.
  5. Sheep farmers lock your gates. The aggies will be roaming the roads looking for dates tonight celebrating the hiring of their next defensive guru. Amazing how good coaches can quickly become bad coaches once they arrive in this wasteland.
  6. Hey GBT, have you ever taken over a project that was a total shitstorm when you got there and you had to tear it down and go out and buy better quality material and pretty much start over. That is what this staff faces at this time and it will take time to rebuild it to our standards. Don't take this personal, but all of your posts are so negative and are really depressing. Please give this staff some time with their own recruits and see where it goes. If it fails, then I will join you on bitching about where the program is headed. Sorry about my rant but I see enough of negative bullshit on OB.
  7. I don't think Chavis would have the same success as he had at Tn. or LSU. I have lived in this shithole for 25 years and cross paths with a lot of the "old army" alums who are not to pleased with the culture that Stumblin has brought to the school. A&M is promoting SEC and not A&M, because they are losers and nothing to brag about except SEC. There is not much to do around here for the players except drink and drugs and fight. The "Thug U" that Stumblin is creating will be his downfall. This area is growing in leaps and bounds and the crime rates have really increased and there seems to be a lot of problems around the North Gate Area where most of the students party and where Johnny Clipboard and Trill Hill got plastered. This is where good Coaches come to be bad coaches. We need to stop worrying about the aggies. Remember we are the U of Texas!
  8. Why is it so hard to accept that at this time we are a very bad team. CS inherited a team with 3-4 good players and the rest average at best , with little depth and the staff coached them up as best they could. The teams that beat us badly should have. Give the staff a couple of recruiting classes with their type of players and I think we will be back where we should be. Quit complaining about Watson and see how he does with players that fit his offense. We have sucked the last 4 years, so let's give CS some time and quit our bitching. There is enough of that over at OB.
  9. Dreams sometime come true. Buy your season tickets now because they are going to be hard to find from here on out! Have faith in Charlie. Good times are on the way.
  10. 32 1/2 hours and let the good times roll. Come on down MJ and help put the Horns back on top.
  11. As good as our defense has been this year without any depth, wouldn't it be nice if M Jefferson touched base with other 4 & 5 star defensive players and convinced them to join the Longhorns and become the most dominating defense in the nation for 3 years and then they all go in the 1st round and become millionaires. With Strong it could happen and as they say, Defense wins championships. It would give our offense time to catch up and recruits would be flocking to Austin. I know it is a pipe dream, but it doesn't hurt to dream. Keep our fingers crossed for Friday morning!
  12. I like the round robin set up but we need to have quality games the last weekend of the season. I am not in favor of adding crappy teams to the conference just to have 12-16 teams for a true conference championship. Just my opinion. If I had to pick it would probably be Boise State and Colorado State.
  13. It would make every conference game important and even if you had lost an earlier game or 2, you could still have the best overall record in your division and play for the championship. Most likely in most years it would be Texas, Baylor, & TCU fighting for the south and OU & KSU in the north. Better option than adding 2 no name teams to the big 12 & diluting the TV money.
  14. Get a waiver for a Conference Championship game and have a North & South division. The team in each division with the best overall conference record plays for the CCG. North Division Oklahoma Oklahoma State Iowa State Kansas State Kansas South Division Texas Baylor TCU TT West Va.
  15. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. My inside dogs are a toy Australian Shepherd and Sheltie. The outside dogs are Border Collie and a 1/2 Border and 1/2 Aussie. All except the Sheltie are super athletic playing ball, frisbee, or herding our show horses. All my dogs get along with my cats. Only problem I have is locating my packages when UPS or FED EX shows up because they usually just throw my stuff near the house because the dogs won't let them out of the truck. More bark than bite but they have the drivers fooled. Pets definitely make life more enjoyable.

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