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    A humble man....who appreciates what he has. I am thankful to God and this existence for the opportunity to wake up and feel the love of a wonderful woman and family.
  • Interests
    Kundalini, Consciousness, Nanotechnology, Chakras, Extraterrestrials, Exoplanets, Spirituality, Reik

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  1. One thing I wholeheartedly agree with!
  2. Been having some problems getting onto this site especially on my mobile. Trying to catch up, sorry. So I see Briles is a name that's being seriously considered. I keep hearing Franklin. I hope it's neither one. Who else? Mora? Shaw? Harbaughs?
  3. He better produce results for that cha-ching! I am curious about bonuses and expectations/milestones?
  4. Also, who wins? 3 Amigos Old Guard Team Mack
  5. Agree. It's not the players, but the coaching and preparation.
  6. Sorry. Protective and proud of the Horns. Apologies.
  7. Aggie? Troll? I'm a Longhorn fan for sure. You don't need to dignify anything. You've already shown your character by the post I answered. I was more than happy to answer considering I have the past 20 years of Notre Dame football to back up my comments...not to mention your poor choice of finger pointing and lumping the Texas Longhorn fans into a category based upon a discussion. That represents an Aggie if you ask me. Insufferable...maybe. Unfortunately, that wasn't the term you used. Additionally, I could care less that you have friends who are Longhorn fans. That doesn't make you immune to posters' responses to your asinine comments. Perhaps you are the one on the wrong board?
  8. Are you kidding me? You're coming on to a Longhorn board and talking about arrogance as an Irish fan? Additionally, because one fan claims we have more money you're lumping a whole fan base into the "arrogance" category? POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. Notre Dame is the most entitled and arrogant University in college football. How your school managed to maintain respect after 20 years of terrible football and insignificance is beyond me. Somehow you guys got lucky with getting into the NC last year after several close games to mediocre teams. Of course you were exposed after getting taken behind the woodshed by Bama. Nevertheless, whoever Texas tags as a coaching staff will undoubtedly be respected and focused on winning.
  9. McPhaul...a lot of win in this post. So how is Brown/Dodd's attempts to warn Powers and Belmont about Saban going to affect his hiring? Better yet, will they have any affect on the hiring of future candidates.

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