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  1. It would be nice if they came crashing down to their rightful place in the state. I think they go 7-5
  2. The execution is important. More than half of the osu offense is based on qb reads at the line. This is where having Watson as qb coach will help us.
  3. You know that the thought did cross my mind when the hires were announced. I thought maybe he would be here to make initial introductions and then he would be reassigned. I thought about it again when Strong made his comment yesterday about Chambers scheduling lunch and Strong telling him they were not going to eat lunch. It was a small insight into why coaches clean house. Established coaches get comfortable and lazy.
  4. Bond! Awesome to see you post here! I just read this on OB. It is really cool of you to share this.
  5. I don't think I can take another coaching search. I am still recovering.
  6. This is how I see it too. There are camps that didn't like the hire for whatever reason and will look for or fabricate reasons to support that assertion. I wish the naysayers could just keep an open mind and support the coach. We haven't even had a spring game yet.
  7. Chip is saying that wisenhunt may take our new rb coach to the nfl. (Coached rbs for him before)
  8. I don't unserstand it but I don't have as much riding on staff decisions as coach strong and Steve p do.
  9. I am ready! Who else is with us!
  10. Herman is following 3 fewer people on twitter today than yesterday but he is still following heard

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