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  1. I have us at 6-6 and 8-4 at best. I hope I'm horribly wrong and we win at least 9.
  2. Rooting for Spieth but wouldn't mind seeing Day win his first Major. Would like to see anyone of these 4 win the PGA: 1) Spieth 2) Day, Rose, Kaymer
  3. I've been drinking the kool aid last 5 yrs. Going the Debbie Downer route thid season. Heart hurts less and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.
  4. What's your score prediction Big John? Heart - Texas 24, ND 20 Brain - ND 30, Texas 13
  5. Congrats on the move Blake! Love Chicago but haven't been back in over 10 years. At least you're closer to those traditonal B1G schools. Several B1G stadiums are on my bucket list!
  6. He has a 4 hour math exam today. Locke will start the season opener against E. Washington.
  7. Where do you live now Blake? Sorry been MIA due to work and personal reasons.
  8. My loss. I'm unsure if my friend even likes football.
  9. Had I known, I would have given you my other ticket. I had to ask my 4th option to attend game with me.
  10. Can't wait for this game. Who's all going? I'll be there! Got hooked up with free tickets! I'll consider it a moral victory if we lose by TD or less. Don't want embarrassment on national television. Hope our secondary's ready for the ND WRs. And traditionally ND develops great TEs, but I'm sure Malik will shut them down. \m/
  11. I'm a woman of my words. I'd like to eat crow and reluctantly say Juan Grande was right. Even with a healthy Derrick Rose, my Chicago Bulls play a super boring style of basketball. Anemic offenses do not equates championship teams. Defenses elevate during playoffs and if teams are unable to produce points during regular season, they're not scoring during playoffs either. With that.......Go Warriors!
  12. Michigan wasn't going anywhere this year with players entering NBA draft. When was the last time Texas had 3 players drafted in 1st round of NBA? Barnes sucks. I'd take Beilein any day. Beilein recruit shooters which Texas clearly lacks.
  13. We need to recruit shooters. Can we steal Beilien away from Michigan?

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