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  1. It's been reported that Mike Giglio looks to be taking over for Patrick Suddes. Other than Bob Shipley, was anyone else on that staff retained? Will UT have a large recruiting/personnel dept like the one that Mack finally started last year?
  2. He and Chris Simms will be calling games for Fox next Fall.:cool:
  3. Sean I'm glad your here, but let's drop all the logic and optimism dude! This is a UT message board man!!!
  4. I'm gonna wait until UT plays a game or 2 before I start judging these guys. So far based on the team meeting reports and the track record of many of the coaches, especially Strong, I'm bullish on UT's chances of winning games.
  5. Not sure of this writers credibility, just sharing. http://fansided.com/2014/01/11/report-shawn-watson-expected-texas-longhorns-offensive-coordinator/
  6. I'm pretty sure that Texas will wind up with a combination of UL and UT coaches with maybe one or two new faces. That wouldn't be my fist choice. All the speculation is great, but in the end, we don't know squat. Would I like to see Chad Morris and Narduzzi on the 40? Sure, but I can't control it by posting every knee jerk reaction that I have on a message board. I'm happy with Charlie Strong as the HC. I now have to put my trust in him to assemble a staff that he can work with and hope for the best. All the hand wringing and pissing and moaning is for doing no one any good. I'm putt
  7. For the first time in 4 years I'm pumped about the upcoming season. I realize the QB situation is shaky and UT is losing some key defensive players. Hopefully Strong can convince Reed to come back. We all know that coaching matters, look at what Robinson was able to do with this years defense. The OC hire is maybe more important than the HC hire at this point. I cannot wait to finish the recruiting season and move into Spring practice. After reading coach Strongs resume as a Defensive Coordinator, it's borderline criminal how long it took to get his 1st HC job. I'm pumped for th
  8. I'd like to point out that at one point there were several UT fans that wanted to make a run at Jurich for the AD spot. Looking at his comments, I am even more pumped about this hire. There is no question that there would have been more popular hires, but as Jurich points out, Strong "gets it". I can only believe that Strong conveyed that to Patterson in the interview process. I'm on board baby....TEXASSTRONG!!!
  9. Nice. We all know that every S&C guy knows how to work out the guys, it's the accountability piece that has been missing at UT, especially with the big guys. If he is really holding their feet to the fire, that will be great. I liked the no cell phone sign on the door too.
  10. I for one have begun to embrace the situation. Both Patterson and Strong will be highly motivated for this to work out. That should transfer to the staff and down to the players. I don't think Texas will be considered soft anymore. With the right OC and recruiters, (remember, that Suddes and staff are still familiar to the current recruits and those we are pursuing) Strong has a chance to rapidly change the culture and start off with a bang. The Big 12 is still not a super power and as we saw this year, it is up for grabs by the upper 3-5 teams which Texas should be. We all would have been hap
  11. I will support whoever the new coach is. This is what happens when you demand change. I would have preferred NS, JF, JH, Briles or Mora Jr. Honestly the reality that all of those people told UT no hurts. I cannot imagine that Strong was considered a better candidate than NS or JF or Harbaugh. I hope Strong kills it (if all the reports are true). We screamed for change and thats what we got. Nobody really has a right to bitch about it. Good luck Charlie and Hook'em!!!!
  12. i like that fire. i wont be dissatisfied with Strong. mostly disappointed that we were told no by a few coaches.
  13. If Texas makes the right hire, Briles staying at Baylor is good for the big 12.
  14. Sorry bro, too many words, but I skimmed it and I get your point. I do think Fisher is the best choice all around, I'm not big on Malzhan (small sample size so far) I have liked Mora from the beginning. I don't think Strong would be a bad hire, I just think his hire (or Mora's) would say that Texas was told no by a couple of people. We all want to think that Texas is a job that no one would say no to, much less more than one person.
  15. HornEsch I agree. I have really enjoyed this sight and the lack of attacks.

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