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    UT Football, Fast Cars, and good food.

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  1. I worked with a huge USC fan at the time. He kept saying that he didnt think we could put up 2 touchdowns no USC ,and that Vince would only get maybe 20 rushing yards on USC. Well, 2 days after the Big XII Championship he came to me, face kind of droopy, and said "My god, Colorado was actually decent, and you made them look like a Middle School team". I just looked at him and said "Dont worry, we wont make USC look like a Middle School team, I am sure they can muster as much of a fight as a High School team". He had no comeback. The day after the Rose Bowl, the Store Manager at Fry's where I worked in Austin, allowed any UT fan to wear UT caps and shirts as our work attire. He was a big UT fan also. We even had some UT stuff on sale for associates to buy. I bought a cap, and put it on the USC coworkers head. He didnt take it off his entire shift lol.
  2. Is it September yet!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!
  3. I think our main concern, is that he said he would hire the very best staff. We were expecting a "splash" hire, and this is more of a ripple =/
  4. Alouha27, I had a friend, he has been diehard Xbox since the first one. He refuses to buy a Xbox One, because of the fact that Microsoft can turn that DRM right back on with a system update. He said he wont own one until MS gives assurance that will never happen, and since MS will never give that assurance, he isnt going to buy one.
  5. Have a PS4, love it. Have had every Playstation since the first. Love the exclusives on it (Uncharted, God of War etc...). I was contemplating getting an Xbox One also, way back when they were first announced, but the whole DRM thing kind of turned me off to the Xbox. That and the fact that its performance isnt as good as the PS4, and becuase of its use of ESRAM, its much harder to develop for (words straight out of Developers mouths). That and I LOOOOVE the PS4 controller.
  6. Addition by Subtraction. If someone got so upset about posting what you were hearing, and something else happened, it goes against the type of community you are trying to build here. Keep on keeping on Mcphaul and know that the majority of us are firmly behind you, and want this site to not only succeed but become the best one out there.
  7. I am all for keeping things civil. If you get down to the main reason we are all on the site to begin with, we are fans of UT Football/Sports. We have a common denominator that brings us all together. Granted, some of the people that have been brought together can be downright childish and belligerent, but that is why there are OPTIONS to go to different sites. I think you guys have done an amazing job of making the community feel just that, like a community. Some of the other sites dont feel like a community, they feel like a middle school, where you have to watch what you say, do, eat, or you get lambasted for not believing or liking things that other members do. Diversity is a good thing, constructive discussion is a good thing. That is why I have more here in the past month than on OB in the past year.
  8. My heart... I cant take this!!! Put me in a coma till Jan 15th!
  9. Sheesh, wondering how we beat OU this year... my goodness.
  10. I think a lot of the ill will towards Saban and his "dirty" antics, are about how he will cut a player from the team if they dont perform. Not to rehash what has already been said, but I think the coddling at UT needs to stop. Dont get me wrong, if a player has a career ending injury while playing his heart out on the field. I say let him keep his scholarship. If he half asses and doesnt try in practice and gets in trouble off the field. Cut him. Another thing, is that Saban would bring a CULTURE change to UT. No more "Country Club Atomosphere". And I think it will be a culture shock (pun intended) to some of the players, AD employee's, UT officials etc... if Saban does come to Texas. He is a hard ass, and doesnt coddle the players, and I am perfectly fine with that. We need things to be shaken up around here.
  11. I think personal attacks needs to be nipped in the bud immediately. That is the one thing that irritated me so much about OB. Someone would post info, and they get attacked because they posted it. I cant tell you how many times I want to post an OPINION, but gave it a second thought, because of how people reacted to others opinions if it was not the same as theirs. Is there anyway to have an Off Topic section for the forums? We could keep all Horns related stuff in one forum, and an Off Topic forum in another section. And I think maybe a NSFW section. I am not talking full blown nudity/porn etc. I say keep the rules the same as OB had it for blasting, but just keep it all centralized. That way if someone WANTS to see, they can go to that section of the forums to see it. If they dont want to, they can stay in the BoB and read up on sports.
  12. Its been a breath of fresh air over here. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  13. I agree with you eCheese. I hated how you could get blasted, ridiculed, and insulted for having an opinion on OB. Thats why I never posted much over there. I actually feel like I can post an opinion here and not have to worry about any backlash.
  14. Dizz, you just killed it!! Anyone else think that the Billboard was put there as an insult to Mack after all the info that came out about him?
  15. I like the way you think, and I choose to believe this!!!

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