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  1. Wow!! According to your analogy of Coach Strong's statement all but 2 coaches next year, those in the national championship game, will produce nothing more than mediocre seasons and their respective universities should look very closely at them to determine if they have the wrong leader in place. Furthermore, are you suggesting that a CEO of an organization should never say something like: "I just reviewed our 1st quarter numbers and if we don't reverse this trend quickly we are going to miss our year-end numbers and ultimately the goals we set for the year." Coach Strong made his comment following 15 practices and a scrimmage and their have been a few hints that CS is not totally pleased with the efforts from the players. Heck, he even had them stop practicing, leave and start over to get this point across. I don't see his comment any different than my example...based off what we have done to date, we are not going to hit our year-end goal of playing in the national championship game. Not sure how you make the leap that his statement that next year Texas will not be one of the final 2 teams standing is somehow a confession on his part that the task is beyond his skill-set and he is only capable of delivering mediocrity. In my opinion...that is one HUGE leap, especially given he hasn't even coached a game yet!
  2. As the post title suggests, I'm a very lucky recipient of his incredible and vast landscaping knowledge and the services provided by his amazing crew. Mark, has made two different trips to Austin to initially review my needs, offer his professional advice and vision and then again when we decided to expand the scope of work so he could again offer his expertise. In just a couple of days of both trips I had emails from him with excellent and detailed drawings (overhead/birds eye view) of what our back yard/tropical garden would like like. In addition to the drawings showing the placement of all the plants, paths, etc. he included pics of each plant and trees that he was recommending. The cost estimate he submitted for all the plants, labor, mulch, soil, etc. was very, very reasonable. In fact, it was because his initial quote was so fair and reasonable that we decided to expand the scope of work. His work included adjusting and fine tuning my sprinkler system, removal of unwanted stones, trimming of branches from existing trees and more! I guess you can tell that my wife and I are very pleased with the job that was completed today. I highly recommend you give Mark a call if you have landscaping plans in the future. You will be glad you did. Thanks again Mark!!! Hook 'em Horns! Kevin
  3. Welcome all you new OBers!! You will love this site. BTW...I'm a member of OB's too and spend nearly all my time here now. Good posters...good civil discussions.
  4. I actually did give him credit for what he said FIRST that you said I conveniently left out: "Also, after saying recruits should stay if committed, he then says "if you......." I am not a Mack hater, never have been, and don't hate him now. I have always supported him until this last season when it became clear a change needed to be made and appreciated his apparent agreement with Powers that he would step-down on his own if the criteria necessary to keep his job was not met. Despite not meeting the criteria he still was determined that his retirement would be on his terms and was convinced when he left the banquet he would be coaching in 2014. The uproar from the BMD's Saturday morning that lead to Powers telling Patterson he has to go fire Mack, I'm sure cut Mack to the bone. I agree, telling the recruits later that morning that he was leaving was an emotional time and difficult for Mack. I'm just disappointed he didn't do more to save the class and help The University and I think we all can agree he could have.
  5. I think there are a couple of troubling things in what Mack did. First, how many recruits actually attend a college despite the head coach? Is not the head coach a significant, if not the most significant factor, in a recruits decision making process. Sure, their position coach is important, but I just don't see any recruit committing to a school where they don't like the head coach or at a minimum the head coach wasn't a major factor in why they committed. Mack knew this. Also, after saying recruits should stay if committed, he then says "if you are coming here for me to coach you" which begs the question, isn't that what all head coaches do, coach their players? Finally, he didn't suggest they look elsewhere...he encouraged it and would even reward their loyalty to HIM by doing what he could for them. Look, Mack could sell ice to an Eskimo...he's one of the greatest recruiters ever, he could have used this gift to help out his beloved University and the new coach coming in by convincing these recruits he apparently "loved so much" to stay at Texas. I've heard him say many times that he tells recruits to commit to the school, because you will spend the next 4 years there, and a degree from UT will open many doors. Instead, he encouraged them to look elsewhere. Sorry, I'm struggling buying this is Mack playing the father image instead of Mack the bitter forced out coach. Quite simply, he could have helped UT, his employer, and chose not to.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Condolences and prayers sent. I had wonderful uncles and each loss was painful.
  7. Ok...tears running down my face. Thanks hornrush...I needed that.
  8. I believe he acknowledged that many were less than thrilled with Strong's efforts to keep the 2014 class together but wanted to give kudos to his 2015 efforts. Not sure where the sunshine pumping was with his post. I've not read anything to suggest CS is tooting his on horn about anything. It's pretty hard to meet your "more doing" request when spring practice hasn't even started and final signing day for 2015 recruits is more than a year away. SMH.
  9. Yep...3 years seems about right...to reach "greatness" level. I do think we will see much sooner our ability to win the battle in the trenches and start imposing our will more, just need to upgrade at a few skill positions to reach "greatness." If Heard lives up to expectations I think we are set there in a couple of years...will need to re-load at RB soon and an upgrade in receiver and tight-end talent (what is a tight-end again??). I think the defense will show improvement very quickly. It already did under Robinson. But, as stated, attitude, conditioning, discipline and a nasty streak may be evident immediately.
  10. Software Company - Partner Development & Sales Manager
  11. I would suspect in all the years of recruiting CS has done that this situation is not new to him. Therefore, whatever tactic he used, one would guess, was not a knee-jerk reaction but one that was based on history that would produce the results he wanted. Whether that result being the kid stays committed to Texas or CS knows for sure to move on and fill the ship with someone else.
  12. Sir, I saw your post about cold weather coming again around Super Bowl time. I'm in Austin (Lakeway to be exact) an so far our Sago Palms, of which we have many (potted and in-ground) have done fine so far without covering them. The coldest temps at our home so far this year have been around 22-24 degrees. What is the cold weather tolerance of these plants and should I consider covering them with what appears to be an even a colder snap coming? Also, do you offer any services in the Austin area? Thanks!! JKW
  13. I hope for Porter's sake he did not investigate Meacham's offensive output at the end of the year for Houston. Scored 14 vs UCF, 13 vs Louisville, 17 vs Cincinnati and went scoreless in 3 out of 4 quarters against Vanderbilt in a 41-24 bowl loss while converting 1 of 17 3rd down attempts and a national ranking of 64. I'm not trying to spin anything other than it is being implied be several that Porter flipped his commitment because of the offensive staff CS has put together that makes it unclear of the kind of offense he will be running and that his position coach was not at the meeting today. That is fair to say but you then have to use the same comparison in why he chose TCU and I'm merely stating that their (TCU) offense that we all witnessed was pedestrian at best. Based off of Houston's offense against decent teams at the end of the year, I'm not sure how much clarity Meacham would give me as a recruit.
  14. So he re-committed to TCU because of their high-octane offense and what they actually showed last year? I'm not sure that is a better choice than believing what your head coach is telling you to your face about the offense he is going to run and what it is going to look like. If he was going to OSU or Baylor I would buy your argument...but not going to TCU. Just to be fair, Freeman did not meet his DC or position coach either and yet had no problem committing to Texas over A&M and TCU.
  15. According to other sites, Strong & Chambers met with him this morning as did TCU. I think CS assigned coaches geographically to touch-base with recruits initially across the state to effectively get in front of as many recruits as they could. Chambers recruited the Dallas area while at Texas (he was a high school coach in Dallas for years) so that is why he accompanied CS there today, I would guess. Later in the day Strong & Chambers secured the commitment of 4* safety/LB Edwin Freeman from Arlington Bowie. Edwin was rumored to be a strong A&M lean. Coach Wyatt was able to get him to flip initially as I'm sure his departure played a lot more in going back to TCU than not meeting Les today. We were able to secure Edwin Freeman today without him meeting his position coach. Obviously one kid wanted to play for CS and what his vision is and the other felt more comfortable going back to where his heart was initially.
  16. I'm not suggesting we didn't want to keep...otherwise why would Strong & Chambers visit him this morning? I'm just wondering if there might have been something that went on during the meeting that gave Strong some concerns? It's not like he doesn't know how to recruit...especially when you consider we lost him to TCU...not exactly a high-octane offense lately. I do think Strong's eye for talent or the type of player he wants vs. that of Mack Brown may differ a little or a lot. Again, I agree, I think it probably came down to Wyatt no longer being the kid's position coach.
  17. It might be if CS gets the impression a recruit committed to Texas because they liked the culture that was presented to them and he knows his culture is 180 degrees opposite, he probably is honest with them so they can decide if what he is selling is something they want to be part of. I suspect if recruits de-commit because of this, both parties are happy.
  18. Just maybe during Strong's/Chambers' visit with him today Strong sensed he was not the kind of "football" player (remember, stars don't matter) that he wants or would fit into the new culture CS is bringing and managed to tactfully move him to reconsider returning to TCU. Probably not, but I wouldn't be totally surprised either. I think the Wyatt relationship was the key to getting him to flip and now that he is gone, the kid decided to go back to his first choice and maybe more comfortable choice.
  19. If this is all that it takes to drive you to drinking then I'm guessing you have just awaken from a 4 year drinking binge and drunken state. No wonder you are asking "what just happened?"
  20. And we know it's going to be boring, how? I keep hearing this and I look at what Les did the last 4 years at MS...set all-time passing and offense records, etc., Watson at UL consistently had their offenses in the top 30 or so nationally and OSU's offense needs no introduction of which Wickline had significant influence. I just don't get why many of you are so convinced these guys won't implement an up-tempo offense that still can run downhill when we have to. I guess we are all about to find out, huh?
  21. "Gundy knows what Wickline is going install better than Wickline knows it. Even Holgerson knows it better than Wickline. Stoops has no doubt he can shut down what Wickline is going to try to install. Phil Bennett isn't worried. We aren't about to do anything on offense multiple teams in the conference aren't already doing better with people who have shown they know how to run it. Watson isn't bringing anything Stoops hasn't shut down every time he has seen what Watson has to offer. Same with Gundy. We are installing an amateur run version of what Holgerson and Gundy have been running for years. Its not a new scheme to defend against, especially when its not being run at its optimum. Good grief! Most posters on this board said they would have preferred Briles over Strong and yet, what new offensive scheme was Briles going to bring that all the other Big 12 coaches didn't already know? What amazing new offensive scheme was Saban going to bring with him? Having some innovative, new, never seen before offense in the Big 12 never came up when discussing these coaches. Let's be consistent here for once. Didn't we all agree that the downfall of Diaz was his desire to out scheme ya on defense with his innovative blitzes, etc. instead of just beating the man in front of you and playing sound football? I mean really...you would think Wickline has spent the last 9 years being the OL coach for Air Force or something. I can't imagine he could be a major piece of the puzzle, as it pertains to the OSU offense, and not know how to run it now given the chance. Let's wait and see.

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