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  1. Somethings come up and I'm not going to be able to make it now.
  2. Bobby Burton on IT said backup Andrej Karic is the nastiest OL Texas has and that whoever he was blocking ate turf at least half the time. Ian Boyd, also with IT, also said that Karic made some statement blocks and that Kyle Flood needs to think long and hard about why Karic isn't somewhere in the starting lineup.
  3. Here a few other fun facts. Prior to the bowl game, Colorado had a higher win percentage than Texas did. Texas was 1-1 against ranked teams. Texas lost to 2 unranked teams. And, no, Casey playing well in the bowl game WAS NOT the straw that broke Herman's back. That's laughable.
  4. "Texas may not deserve him. Can you tell I'm still pissed?" You really sound like you have some type of connection to Hudson Card. And frankly, even if you say you don't, I'm not sure that I am going to believe you.
  5. Evidently I need to translate this for a few people The head coach didn't coach any better than Charlie Strong typically did, the assistant coaches didn't coach any better than the assistant coaches on Strong's staff, and the players didn't play any better than the players who played for Charlie Strong. Bottom line, it was an all-around piss-poor effort no better than what we got under Charlie Strong.
  6. And I'm not sure how seriously you can taken when you say things like you're not sure that Bijan is even our best Robinson.
  7. So you think that even if Texas had beat Arkansas and Card had played well, that Casey was going to start against Rice. Sorry, not seeing that one.
  8. I'm not sure a roster that went 25-12 over the past 3 seasons is all that inept
  9. Texas looked like they were being coached by Charlie Strong and his staff. And the players played like a Charlie Strong coached team.
  10. I thought that's what you were referring to. I kind of think that, if a player is good enough, this staff will find ways to make room if they need to.
  11. I don't understand why that would be a question. Can you elaborate?
  12. Cousin and his wife were students at UT and they drove up for the 69 game in their VW. Got there just before game time and came back as soon as the game was over. Nice little day trip, lol. They pretty much echoed everything you said. Bottom line, pigs fans were basically trash.
  13. Pretty much every recruiting class ends up with some dead weight in it.
  14. Most of the speculation is that it is Jared Wiley. There is a picture of the tight ends and he has his arm in a sling or something that has his arm immobilized.
  15. An argument can definitely be made that the Iowa State game was indeed flukey. First, the way ULL played the rest of their schedule does not indicate a team that should beat a team the caliber of Iowa State. Second, was the game itself. Louisiana returned a kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown, scored on a 78 yard pass play, and returned a punt 83 yards for a touchdown. And they scored their final touchdown with 10 seconds to go in the game. Their QB completed 13 passes for 154 yards with 78 of them coming on one play. The other 12 completions went for only 74 yards. ULL's offense had 272 yards total yards in the game. They had 1 play of 78 yards and the other 55 plays went for only 194 yards. Out of their 10 drives, 6 of them consisted of 25 plays for a total of 24 yards.
  16. Well, we are talking about a Louisiana team that beat Georgia State by 3, Georgia Southern by 2, UAB by 4, Texas State by 10, Arkansas State by 7, Appalachian State by 3, and UTSA by 7.
  17. "This will be the toughest opener Texas has played in a long time. Many will point to Maryland in 2017 and 2018, but the fact of the matter is 2021 Louisiana would have beaten those Maryland teams by double digits." I am not saying that Maryland would beat Louisiana. But I am saying that if both teams played the same schedule, their records would be closer than what they currently indicate. Maryland plays a much tougher schedule than Louisiana does.
  18. "10 of 12 starters for the Ragin' Cajuns defense will be upperclassman." Well, if they are going to play 12 players on defense, Sark better have a damn good game plan

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