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  1. No doubt, it's been a tough 13 year stretch for Texas. But they would have made it in 2018.
  2. Only one Texas player in the top 150. Hudson Card coming in at #61 and the 8th best QB in the portal. Somehow they have a kid from Virginia ranked 8th and as the 2nd best QB in the portal despite completing 54.7% of his passes with 7 TD passes and 12 interceptions.
  3. Just to add to this. Bryce Young had already turned 20 prior to the start of his sophomore year when he won the Heisman. And he appeared in 9 games in his true freshman as a 19 year. Vince Young was 19 years old when he redshirted in 2002 and was 20 years old during his RS Freshman year. Trevor Lawrence is the exception to the rule here. He turned 19 only about a month into his true feshman year. And he also split playing time in the first 4 games before named the starter. Quinn Ewers is currently 19 years old and 9 months.
  4. Read the article. Very fair. And I think you underestimate the critical thinking level of most posters on this board when it comes to point #1. You actually sounded like another poster on this board when you said that
  5. I'm seeing Rising listed as a junior but he is also 23 1/2 years old.
  6. Probably safe to say that Duggan has always been a competitor. But Rising has been in college 5 years now and has only played the last 2 years. Not sure anyone knows how much of a competitor he was as a freshman.
  7. Speaking of experienced QB's, Cam Rising is 23 years and 6 months old.
  8. So now all I see is some guy clapping. You're killin' me Smails.
  9. Yea, looks like he had to sit out the 2019 season due to transfer? He got hurt in the first game of the year in 2020 and was out for the year. Then in 2021, Charlie Brewer started the first 2 games before Rising took over.
  10. There's certainly a good chance of that if Cam had stayed. I can see the B12 part but I don't think it's a given on being in a playoff position. Still not sure why Cam left as his playing time at Utah didn't overlap with Sam's. Maybe someone else remembers more.
  11. If my memory serves me, he came from New Mexico State. Everyone was excited about him primarily because he had a really good game against Alabama. Seems like maybe double digit tackles and looked good doing it.
  12. I'm an old but all I see is some guy getting in a car.
  13. Ford probably really doesn't fall into the late bloomer category while in high school. It was more after he got to Texas. Like this year.
  14. I learned everything I know about weather forecasting from the great George Carlin. “Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.”
  15. I have given this a lot of thought and, after sleeping on it, here is my prediction about Worthy. He will stay at Texas. Unless he doesn't.
  16. Ewers played in 9 games this year and played the equivalent of 7.5 games.
  17. East Texas State University, my old alma mater, class of 1973 and 1972 National Champions!
  18. The poster then followed by posting Ewers stats from PFF on various throws by distance and zeroed in with some comments about the longest downfield throws. 20+ Yards Total - 15/44 363 yards, 3TD, 2INT Here were his comments that I found interesting. There's a common misconception that Card was significantly better than Ewers in passes 20+ yards down the field. He wasn't. It was nearly identical as far as completion %, TD's and INT's. Card was 9/25 289yards 3TD's 1INT. Card was better in the intermediate passing game 10-20 yards but only attempted it there 12 times in 3 games. Ewers went to the Intermediate pass about 8.4 times a game. There were things Card did better like scrambling and short game passing. He was sacked at nearly twice the rate Quinn was and 3 times the rate heading in to Baylor. Starting to get deep in the weeds on evaluations when we get here. Quinn got the ball out better whereas Card would be more likely to get sacked when there was defensive pressure. IMHO we are (8-4) no matter who the starter is. The upside weighed heavily in Quinn's favor.
  19. A poster over on Orangebloods analyzed every Ewers pass play from the Baylor and you can tell that he is more knowledgable than the average fan. I thought it was very interesting and I got permission from him to share the gist of it here. Talking about Ewers, he first says this, There are reasons why our passing game has struggled that he's contributed to. He's just not the majority of the problem. It's a much bigger problem than the QB. He basically goes through each and every called pass play. Then he added this after the J Whitt fumble. I want to make a note of this moment right here. The garbage narrative that's being spread that Sark took the ball out of Quinn's hands is so bad. I get it, it's heat of the moment reactions based on seeing each play, one time, on TV fueled by what the announcers have to say. Again, I don't care if his name was Ewers, Manning, Card, or Tom Brady. The O-line had been such a mess in pass blocking that it was from this moment on that Sark decided he was going to run the ball or only attempt screen passes, until the sack Fumble. But just watch how that sets itself up as this goes along. Sark didn't abandon Quinn. He abandoned the O-line in pass protection. Quinn had just dropped a dime when the next series of playcalls were made. And he finished with this right after the sack fumble. That was the last time Sark trusted the offensive line to call a pass play. And he decided that well before this last play call because the only passes he called, were screens. 4 of them to be exact since having to use 8 blockers to get an intermediate pass off. It's not like Quinn had been wildly inaccurate or made terrible downfield decisions throwing the ball in to double and triple coverage. More interesiting stuff in a 2nd post.

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