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  1. I'm going to need an interpreter, please And is the UT Laundry Guy supposed to be somebody?
  2. OL Isaiah Hookfin being put on medical scholarship per Anwar Richardson on OB.
  3. I get the sentiment and don't disagree at all. But...it needs to be spread across ALL positions.
  4. "Addison on the team would make Worthy our second best receiver. That’s scary" When you take into account that PItt threw the ball twice as much as Texas did last year, Addison's and Worthy's stats are actually quite similar. Not to mention that it didn't hurt that Addison had a first round draft choice QB throwing to him.
  5. Nebraska vs. Texas last 5 year comparisons. Games - Neb 56 Texas 62 Wins - Neb 19 Texas 37 Losses - Neb 37 Texas 25 Win % - Neb .339 Texas .597 Draft Picks - Neb 8 Texas 14 5 Star Recruits - Neb 0 Texas 8 4 Star Recruits - Neb 29 Texas 77 Worst Season - Neb 3-9 Texas 5-7 Best Season - Neb 5-7 Texas 10-4 Winning Seasons - Neb 0 Texas 4 Bowl Games - Neb 0 Texas 4 Note: The best season Nebraska has had in the last 5 years does NOT even beat the worst season Texas has had in the last 5 years. Conclusion: Nebraska sucks the last 5 years.
  6. Run those same numbers for the last 5 years and it looks drastically different.
  7. Yea, you got to think that the chances are really high that any really good stud player that enters the portal probably knows where he's going before he ever submits his name.
  8. Believe me, that didn't go over well when I did that back in my younger days
  9. Pretty sure that there is pretty much zero chance that Addison would ever catch a ball thrown by Manning even if both came to Texas.
  10. Like my wife tells me, I'm on a need-to-know basis.
  11. Wouldn't It would be nice to be young and naive again
  12. I would probably be at least as excited as I was with any of the previous transfers we have gotten from Bama.
  13. That reminds me. I'm getting a little low on duct tape. Thanks.

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