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  1. And McGuire hasn't coached HS football for 6 years.
  2. So Card was a mere one minute and 30 seconds away from being the better QB in the Bama game And in regulation time against Tech, neither QB was better than the other.
  3. Got to give you credit on this one. You're absolutely right.
  4. My take on this centers around your statement that"Their second team QB was better than ours. A lot better." It is my opinion that the case for their second team QB was better than ours is weak at best. And that there is pretty much no case at all that he was a lot better. Now let's dive into why I think that. Yes, Tech's QB had 54 more yards passing than Card, 331 to 277. But to do that, he had to throw the ball 26 more times which netted him only 54 more yards. To give that a little more perspective, Card average 13.85 yards per completion while Smith averaged only 8.75 yards per completion. Card also averaged 8.71 yards per attempt while Smith averaged 5.91 yards per attempt. Advantage Card. Now let's look at the 2 widely used ratings for quarterbacks for the game on Saturday. Card's Passing Efficiency Rating was 159.6 and Smith's was 129.3. For little perspective on that, in 2021 if you had finished with a 159.6 rating for the year, you would been ranked 12th in this rating. If you have finished with a 129.3 rating, you would have been ranked 96th. Advantage Card. There is also the QBR or Total Quarterback Rating. This is a metric that takes into account all of a quarterback's contribution to a game, including passing, rushing, sacks, penalties, touchdown, and turnoves. Moreover, each play is weighted based on its "difficulty", the context of the game, and the strength of the opposing defense. Card's QBR rating for the Tech game was 86.8 and Smith's was 75.5. Advantage Card. We can have our opinions all day long but the facts will generally speak for themselves.
  5. "Their second team QB was better than ours. A lot better." Not. Even. Close. To. Being. Right.
  6. You're not disagreeing with me. You're disagreeing with the facts
  7. This is spot on right here. Texas had the opportunity to all but put them away.
  8. Just a couple observations/thought. The sense reveals itself in games where UT comes out and sleep walks through a large portion of the first half. Texas didn't sleep walk through the first half against Tech. In fact, we had a really good first half. Look back and think of how many games the Horns have lost simply because the didn't take it seriously until it was too late. It seems that just the opposite happens under Sark. We lose games in the second half.
  9. "This isn’t even the best BigXII team we’ll have to face." Here's the thing. We still have to play at least 4 teams better than Tech. And maybe as many as 6. And those same numbers apply to QB's we still have to play against.
  10. Not many head coaches are going to take anything for granted. Probably in between hole cards and stock vanilla.
  11. I wonder if Jeff Howe and Rod Babers mentioned the fact that 15 of those 26 losses on the road were to ranked teams?
  12. Here's your stat of the week. Since 2008, Texas's best record on the road against a B12 opponent is 6-1. Almost forgot. That 6-1 record is in Lubbock
  13. Credit to you for not saying "Don't confuse @Johnny Deppwith the facts"

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