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  1. I've never understood why a kid would set an announcement date before he had actually made a decision.
  2. In other words, it told us what anyone with at least minimal brain function already knew.
  3. Beats me. I'm still trying to figure what I said, lol.
  4. I got it at a 50/50 chance of poster on IT being right. And I think that means it's a 100% chance that I'm right. But I could be wrong about that
  5. Not sure how to interpret "does nothing". Can you clarify?
  6. I hope he is recruiting girls who can shoot because this is one of the worst shooting teams I've ever seen.
  7. TCU plays SMU the week before the Texas game and Tech plays Florida International the week before the Texas game.
  8. Maybe that's what my wife means when she tells me I need help
  9. I'm certainly no rocket surgeon or brain scientist myself.
  10. I'm pretty sure that the ranking get adjusted every so often. Bijan's ranking is the final ranking for that season and the 2022 will be adjusted probably another time or two.
  11. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I took a quick look at the 247 Composite rankings. Bijan was the #1 running back and 15th ranked player overall in the 2020 class with a ranking of .9928. Jaydon is the #4 running back and 60th ranked player overall in the 2022 class with a ranking of .9735.
  12. I'm guessing a lot of his offers aren't committable, but damn, his offer list is pretty impressive for a 3-star.

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