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  1. This is just getting crazier by the day. Texas has offered a safety and cornerback today that are so far down on the rankings that you can't hardly find them
  2. Yea, the players committing to Texas lately are not exactly the ones you need in order to win conference championships, much less a national championship.
  3. As Al Borland was fond of telling Tim Taylor on the TV show Home Improvement, "I don't think so Tim".
  4. From everything I've read, this is totally a package deal. Neither Texas nor OU will do anything without the other.
  5. If you study the Cajuns schedule/results from last year in-depth, it is not difficult to reach a conclusion that their win over Iowa State was a complete and total fluke and that they might be just a wee bit overrated.
  6. Doesn't bother me a bit to do things the way Nick Saban does.
  7. I've never understood why a kid would set an announcement date before he had actually made a decision.
  8. In other words, it told us what anyone with at least minimal brain function already knew.
  9. Beats me. I'm still trying to figure what I said, lol.
  10. I got it at a 50/50 chance of poster on IT being right. And I think that means it's a 100% chance that I'm right. But I could be wrong about that
  11. Not sure how to interpret "does nothing". Can you clarify?
  12. I hope he is recruiting girls who can shoot because this is one of the worst shooting teams I've ever seen.

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