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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. From what I hear from others I know working as writers. Unless you're last name is on the same level as Cameron, Spielberg, or Wallace, you don't get a lot of input on who is cast for the roles. The David v. Goliath element has always appealed to me also.
  2. Great points friend. I appreciate the feedback. What you're saying is kinda mirroring what's happening in the writing process. I find (because the scope is so big with everyone and everything involved) I'm having to include less regarding the shipmates. The doc is right when he says it should probably be a miniseries. There's so much that should be included, but can't be because of space. I'm taking it on in a 120 page feature film. If I have to rework it at a later date, than so be it. Trying to be historically accurate while attempting to create a good story while limiting it to 2.5 hours is hard but I gotta try.
  3. Yep, on one hand it was a tragedy between the destroyers facing the battleships and heavy cruisers, and Halsey's deep seeded desire to face the Japanese gun for gun, but missing his opportunity because of his obsession of taking out the Japanese carriers (which even his own staff members were telling him were impotent by that point in the war). On the other hand it's a story that exalts all the best traits we look for when man has his back against the wall. Pure unbridled courage in the face of overwhelming odds. And proof that sometimes you have to lose to win. The destroyers may have been sunk or heavily damaged, but they still managed to run off one of the most powerful surface fleets in history. It also marks the only time in history that a carrier was sunk by gunfire. I've been obsessed with this story since I was 8 years old. I've been working on the screenplay for 5 years.
  4. This focuses on events that lead up to the battle and the battle of Samar at the very end. Other than a reference to Roosevelt, there is nothing really political about it. I look at it as a tribute to men in the U.S. Navy. There really hasn't been a good WWII navy movie in so long.
  5. Thanks guys. The movie is a buildup to the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This battle has been the focus of many documentaries on the history channel. The final act of the film is the Battle of Samar in a David v. Goliath matchup between four US Destroyers and the bulk of the Japanese surface fleet. These destroyers fight with such ferocity, that the Japanese actually mistake them for Admiral Bill Halsey's Third fleet. In the film Halsey gets drawn away by a Japanese decoy fleet made up of carriers which had few if any pilots. The real threat in the battle was the Japanese surface force which consisted of two of the biggest battleships ever built. I'm trying not only to tell a great story, but also to remain as historically accurate as possible. A hard thing to accomplish with movies in many cases.
  6. Howdy fellow hornfans, After reading some of the comments on the "George Clooney" thread I noticed a lot of y'all have pretty strong opinions on what makes for a good movie. Anyway, as an aspiring Spec Screenwriter I wanted to get feed back from you guys on a project I'm currently working on. Now, the nature of the movie industry is such that if you are lucky enough to get a pitch meeting with producers or you just happen to run into someone important on the street, you have a very limited amount of time to articulate what the movie is about. Producers and movie makers are busy people who don't have the time to give "nobodies" like myself twenty minutes of undivided attention to explain what our movie is about. With that being the case. Writers like myself have to come up with a very brief synopsis called a "logline" to entice the interest of potential producers. Below is my logline for the script I'm working on. Please give y'all's honest opinion if this intrigues you or it looks boring. "Fate and a lack of communication leads to a traumatized naval officer and his ship mate's involvement in the largest naval battle in history." The film is set during the latter part of WWII in the Pacific. Please let me know what impressions you get from the logline above. Would you see the movie? Why or why not? I'll check the thread periodically and answer any questions y'all might have.
  7. You articulated my sentiments better than I did myself earlier in the thread. Couldn't agree more.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the Strong hire but it really sticks in my craw that UT's administrators let the ramblings of a single donor have this much influence in decision that would have long-term ramifications on the future of the football program. Joe Jamail isn't the only BMD at UT. No single individual's wishes should be allowed to supercede those of the majority. That goes double for an individual who may not even be alive by the start of the 14' season. Last time I checked, money was not an issue at UT and wouldn't be even without Joe's precious thirty pieces of silver. It's the principle of the thing.
  9. What makes you think RD's criticism has anything to do with liberal politics? There are plenty of UT fans from all across the political spectrum who hate Goodhair and Wallace for their efforts to force changes on how higher education is done in Texas, more specifically UT.
  10. I have no problem with unions for employees in industry, but college athletes aren't employees. They are student athletes. Their pay comes in the form of room/board and paid tuition. Lord knows I find the NCAA as useless as the next guy. But they are taking this too far by trying to unionize. If this comes to pass I won't like it.
  11. I agree. He's actually doing better than Sumlin when he first came to aggy. Aggy had something like 12 decommitments inside a month. When you think about it in those terms our current recruiting situation doesn't look so bad.
  12. I agree, I was honestly indifferent before as to whether we should ever play them again. However, If it was a win-win for them before, then it doesn't matter now as they are winning the recruiting war anyway. Wouldn't bother me if they were scheduled again.
  13. Good point, but I don't think he has a bunch to draw on from his past as an HC. Harvey could possibly play sooner at aggy, but would he be playing in an effective defense? Sumlin might make me eat crow come next year, but given his past Ds at aggy and his previous stops, I have my doubts aggy's D will be any better next year than it was this year.
  14. I think so too. If aggy had done better D the last couple of years I would be genuinely worried.
  15. I wouldn't. Aggy hasn't exactly set the world on fire on defense.

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