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  1. "... and an all around great guy." Apparently you've never been around for one of his mound visits. All kidding aside, BIG Ts&Ps for Coach Gus!
  2. Look, I'm just in it for the bourbon.
  3. Howdy! Not technically "new" but it's been a WHILE! I'm a libra who enjoys long, steady pours of Kentucky Straight Bourbon, slow walks through the catacombs of DKR, 100 degree super regionals at The Disch and strive for a social justice warrior-free message board. Fat ass, double standard, Martellus Bennett loving MFers need not apply.
  4. Celebrating our 6th anniversary in Ft. Worth. Having dinner at Reales tonight. Little Stella and Morning After cocktails at Del Frescos at the Square Before checkin. /cheers! #hooked
  5. I have to agree with Matt... nothing to see here. Give it a month, and things will shake out just fine.
  6. Thanks for these threads, Mark. Also, great work at my place, the lawn is coming in nicely, barely a weed in sight! What do I use if my organic beds are allergic to gluten? I keed, I keed!
  7. Brought the whole crew today. Can't believe I missed Slim!

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