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  1. Sorry if I missed it, but is the CrossFire coming tomorrow instead or on hold till next week?
  2. Overall team speed on Defense needs to be improved. Too many LB's on the roster with so many 2 LB sets being run lately. Once Muschamp left, our defensive recruiting dropped. Strong should get it back on track very soon.
  3. Gotta love Strong's matter of fact confidence and understanding of the actual pecking order in state. Time to regain the top status on the field soon. This year may be tougher, but having Heard in the fold will be a great foundation going forward.
  4. Curious if we have an ETA today or if National Signing Day will dominate the coverage, which is fine as well. One tidbit from Burton on Brewster rumors which is that Brewster just signed a 1 yr lease on his residence in Tallahassee. I'm guessing if we want him he can figure out how to break the lease and the fact that he's leasing and not buying may actually be good news, but Burton doesn't see this happening anytime soon. I think Burton is friends with Brewster for what it's worth.
  5. The last crossfire I see posted in the crossfire forum is from Jan 16th. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Sorry if I missed an update on it's eta or if we were having one this week. Just checking.
  7. I think we got a bit too used to Mack's recent no visit policy. It's not that realistic anymore in my opinion and kids either decide to commit or take more visits or both. Coaches deal with it however desired. Ketchum made a good point earlier that Mack's little barnstorming tour of visits between the BU game and his resignation royally screwed Strong's ability to do several in home visits. Mack just used up our one allowed visit and a new coach doesn't get a do over. Thanks Mack.
  8. I thought we built new resident/dorm areas for the players at or near Jester recently along with the wide open pool area that we saw a few pics/videos on LHN when the coaches would take the team swimming there during the hot 2 a day practices.
  9. Having the band in the south endzone makes them heard evenly in the rest of the stadium. Having them back on the East side around the 50 yd line means the fans sitting behind them on the East side hear the echo while the West side hears the band more clearly. Get rid of the screens behind our bench. Mack and DeLoss came up with this braincramp of an idea at Okie St a few years ago and actually implemented it at home. It's literally offensive and rude to our home fan base to do this. Allow booze and allow the students to cover the entire lower East between the 10 yd lines. Change the entrance video as well. These past few iterations have been abysmal.
  10. So far I'd rate this as Barnes best coaching job since his first season in 98. Clearly he's proven he knew what he was doing by having several kids leave after last season. I've been very critical of him the past 2 seasons and really have to give him kudos for the job he's done thus far.
  11. Darrell, any insight from yourself or your sources on why Chambers was retained vs other assistants on Mack's staff that seemed to have much more success such as Wyatt or Giles?
  12. Don't let the haters slow your roll!! Whatcha got?
  13. Higdon said we were only hiring one more which seemed to point to Chambers coaching a position and counting towards the 9 assistant allotment.
  14. JimR, like I said, it seems things are going the way I posted and I also said I hope I'm wrong. You are correct, I don't know and I certainly didn't intend to post anything as fact. I'm basing this on monitoring 3 different message boards and twitter. I want Strong to succeed and really like what he's done with the defensive hires. I like Wickline and Robinson on offense as well. Watson may be fine, but we've seen the momentum Texas H.S. recruits have for the offenses being run at Baylor, A&M, and Tech. I'd think Strong would want to compete for those kids as well and it would seem that his OC hire would gravitate in that direction.
  15. Awesome. No really. Wouldn't want to go with a young, innovative coach for our offense or anything like that. Sorry, but this is really getting frustrating especially with the apparent trend towards having Wickline as OC to avoid buyout $ and to have Watson as the QB coach play caller. Just seems like a bit of a cluster at the moment and unfortunately coach Strong doesn't seem to be progressing towards a hire to generate some energy and momentum from the top offensive talents in state. I hope I am wrong.
  16. Looks like Wyatt may land as the OC at North Carolina. I like the assistant hires thus far, but remain confused on retaining Chambers. I get his connections to the DFW recruiting area, but am wondering if there's more of a connection to him and having info on the Kearney deal as his position oversight of the TEs was probably the most under performing position on the team since Irby was hurt years ago.
  17. Am hoping JHablinsky reappears. He seems to have some access and Darrell vouched for him as well. I know we have others. Seems like we're down to the OC and WR hires. Some would say we wouldn't hire Wickline and Robinson if we didn't have the OC figured out as well. Wouldn't mind seeing Wyatt in the WR spot, but Burton floated an idea that we could see Co-OCs with Riley as Co-OC WRs coach and Watson as Co-OC-QB coach. We won't have Co-DCs and it appears we won't have a DE and DT coach so maybe we'll have room for more assistants on the offensive side?
  18. Apparently when it happens over there it's a normal occurrence, but if it happens here or another fellow Horn site, the OB poster braintrust blames it on incompetence etc. Funny how nobody is hearing a peep from those stellar posters during their server issues. Irony at its finest. Not a knock on the Mods over there at all, just the select posters hiding behind their keyboards.
  19. Clemson will have to reduce the buyout amount and that's very doubtful. Sounds like Wickline had a buyout amount added after we went after him in 2010 per Burton.
  20. Burton is saying Wickline is a major target by Strong as well for OL and his buyout isn't a problem. One thing Burton also mentioned was that the reason we aren't hearing announcements for the assistants from Louisville is that they have buyouts unless their positions are filled so we need Petrino to fill his spots to avoid buyouts for Bedford and the LB coach. Lastly, Burton has heard the RB coach from Louisville isn't coming coming and Chambers could be an option at RB coach. Just makes me wonder where Porter and Giles may fit in all of this.
  21. Is Joker related to Jamaal Adams or am i thinking of a different Florida asst?
  22. Me too. I've never read or heard this, but I truly wonder if he saw what Diaz wanted to do as DC and looked for his first available option to leave after only 1 month here. Just my opinion.

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