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  1. I'm definitely digging the Turner news, but really liked the feedback and concern from the OU and BU staffs regarding Strong and what his staff is doing here in Austin.
  2. How do you envision Strong's no non-sense, defensive minded approach resonating with kids/recruits vs Sumlin's swag copter, DJ led practices etc. at A&M?
  3. I saw that and have asked him on OB if he's bailed on Hornsports. He doesn't respond. Kind of a crappy thing to do to this site if that's the case.
  4. So is Shaunsters no longer on staff here as the hoops guru?
  5. I got a chance to catch with up Darrell last night and I think everyone will really like the direction the site will be heading. I think Darrell thought it would launch today, but clearly a few things are being ironed out.
  6. I'm wondering about Daylon Mack as well. Also, was Harrison actually shot over spring break and that's the reason for his leg injury? Any more details on that?
  7. My fear is Barnes will make the kid so paranoid about screwing up on defense that he'll digress offensively. I hope I'm wrong as Rick needs some legit outside threats for next year no doubt.
  8. Guess that's why they call it coach of the year and not coach of the last 3 years. I hear what you are saying. I think Rick earned one more year, but like Mack, Rick was the one who created the situation for the Hoops program to be in the past 3 years so we'll see if he coaches his way up or out of a job. Getting Turner would be awesome, but we better find some legitimate threats from the outside or we'll have the same issues next season. Watching teams completely sag off off Holland and Taylor and pretty much making it 3 on 5 got very frustrating.
  9. Hoping the Horns can hang and pull off the upset. Having Duke eliminated has made this region wide open now.
  10. Another very info packed Cross Fire!! It's sickening to hear of the continued b.s. Mack pulls such as a lack of an endorsement for Strong. Mack got his way and ran off Saban, is getting paid to do nothing, and can't endorse Strong? Seriously? Aggie info doesn't surprise me at all regarding Sumlin or the illegal activities. Proving it will be tough as the NCAA couldn't find their ass in a mirrored phone booth with a flashlight.
  11. I'm interested to hear more about Estelle and Daje. Seems like OB and 247 think Daje and Estelle remain in a very precarious situation regarding their status overall.
  12. Good stuff Darrell. Can't help but laugh at any critique of people moving on from MB.
  13. Good things come to those who wait!!
  14. Darrell, great read once again. You had a question in the first section that was about whether Mack has been told to keep quiet in order to keep receiving his severance/buyout checks. However, it didn't show what the answer was from your source. Can you let us know what your source said about this?
  15. I've got my popcorn ready. Hilarious. Aggy is fantastic at one thing and one thing only, f*cking up a wet dream. See Clayton Williams and Rick Perry for high profile examples.
  16. Chip and Chad were discussing it this morning and while UT hasn't confirmed it officially, they've had concession contacts verify they will have their TABC cards with them today. Apparently it's a real possibility at the Erwin center for the BU game tomorrow night as well.
  17. Good for Suddes. Hope he does well there.
  18. I think I've read some good reports on Nashaan Hughes and how he projects at either LB or DE as he continues to grow and fill out. I'd sub Benson or maybe Cole in for Hughes. Apparently Cobb has been really filling out with the workouts as well, but we'll see and Moss could be another LB instead of Cobb to depart.
  19. Thanks Darrell! When the heck are you coming to Austin? I've seen Pat at Ymas a couple of times this year already!!

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