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  1. Saw this on other sites as well. It's literally breaking. Nice work Darrell!!
  2. Per the earlier question, what's the status of Estelle, Daje, and Bergeron? Also, how is Hick's rehab coming along? Does the staff feel like we'll have enough team speed to spread opposing defenses out this season? Also, any updates on Gray, Perkins, and Ash? Lastly, can you provide names or positions where attrition is expected and whether it will be backups or projected starters looking to leave?
  3. Mack literally stole $5M plus per year the past 4 years and is stealing more $ with this ridiculous asst to the Prez role now while he tweets about his Srs getting drafted.........who didn't get drafted. hankfully Mack is gone, but now Strong has to clean up his mess which may take a while.
  4. Am hoping to see Dylan Mack in that 2015 group. Great CrossFire and this Stansbury stuff is hilarious and typical ag behavior under Coach Swag.
  5. Kinda thought McCaunahey(sp?) would have been considered to play DKR
  6. Don't forget in post game press conferences deferring to Muschamp and Davis when he got questions about why something on offense or defense didn't work during the games. Dude gets paid $5M plus and is making his coordinators answer the questions?
  7. Count me in the group glad to see Shaunsters onboard and the hoops guru for Hornsports. I too wondered what the heck he was doing on OB when he gets ripped on so frequently there. Glad he's back!!
  8. Awesome generosity and awesome outcome. Would prefer that she never needed the surgery, but what a wonderful effort and result.
  9. I find it amazing that Aggie prefers to try and hide the truth with total disregard to the Rice kid trying to help the girl avoid being date raped by Stansberry. Those sheep humpers absolutely wreak of SEC sleeziness, but it's apparently worth having their big wigs threaten Rice when one of their own players is attempting date rapes and beating the crap out of anyone who tries to help the victims. I can't wait for this to hit the media far and wide. Something tells me Dylan Mack and his parents are well aware of this story. If not, they should be told about it immediately.
  10. I guess Mark and I missed out on the riots at Burnet or I just killed those memory cells with one too many adult beverages.
  11. Pillow Panthers, Burnet Sailors, Anderson Trojans.......Represent!!
  12. I'm not sure how safe it is to drink beer with two McPhaul's, but I'm willing to take one for the team and give it a shot!! I have a feeling Slim has good dirt and good stories on a ton of posters and beyond. Hope to meet him and others one of these days.
  13. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Austin (ATX) and graduated from Texas in 1989.
  14. Just found the Texas site he's moving to for Scout. Horns Digest at texas.scout.com Interesting move no doubt for him and apparently it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up so good for him. That site also announced a $4.95/month pay membership today with Chip's hiring which is eerily similar to what is already going on here.
  15. So he didn't flash the hookem at his second win and that makes him less of a Longhorn according to some on here I guess. My point is these are great and supportive Longhorns. Flashing the hookem at a tour event or a major doesn't make them any less of a Longhorn. I was at the Players Championship 3 yrs ago when Leonard was in contention and Sunday as he walked to the first tee, I yelled "Hookem Justin" and flashed the hookem to him. He looked over and kept on about his business. I guess I should blame his poor final round on the Longhorn Karma Gods.
  16. You do realize you are the one who started this thread correct? Awesome.
  17. Sorry, I just humbly and respectfully disagree. I bleed orange like the rest of us, but we've gotta have better things to do than complain that Jordan didn't flash a hookem during the first and arguably most important major of the year. I never saw Crenshaw flash the hookem during his wins nor did I see Kite flash the hookem when he won the 92 US Open at Pebble. It doesn't make them any less of a devoted Longhorn and is just a silly thing to comment on in my opinion. I'd be a lot less surprised if this was a critique of an Aggie on tour by his or her fellow Ags since they don't give a crap where they hoop and holler with their gig em crap. Sorry but we're a bit classier than our little brothers to the east.
  18. Will be out of town for Easter weekend. Y'all have fun and have a few cold ones for me!!
  19. So the big $ donors aren't really responding to Patterson's fund raising efforts around a new Tennis facility. What are the BMDs thoughts on Patterson's efforts to schedule games in Mexico and internationally as opposed to working on scheduling more high profile games at DKR. Are the BMDs unhappy with Patterson overall and if so, can you elaborate? Also, what's the latest on conference expansion or realignment?
  20. Darrell, one more I forgot to include yesterday. What's the word on the Player Personnel dept and the Director for this group that we brought in from Louisville to replace Suddes?
  21. I'd think they'd look at a lot of Louisville film from last year.Having Robinson from USC could help since he's seen UCLA recently. Having Wickline and Koening from schools besides Louisville will hopefully help mix it up along with Rumph.
  22. Am curious what positions are most at risk for attrition due to kids deciding they don't want to continue in the non-country club atmosphere previously in place. Actually, attrition can be for a variety of reasons including lack of playing time or injury history etc. In general, just curious what positions are most at risk. Also, has there been any more discussion about Brewster eventually coming back as the TE coach if/when Chambers moves into a different role with Player personnel or H.S. Relations Director?

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