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  1. What sportstalk show does MBHorns host each day? What town and station is it on?
  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but is it coming out this week? Sorry for my addition to Darrell's juicy intel!!
  3. Doc, I see the SEC, Big 12, Pac, B1G, and ACC conferences not really digging this. If I'm those conferences, especially the SEC, I'd stack my top 8 teams against any of the conference champs from the other 21 minor conferences. I'd say the other major conferences would argue the same thing for their top 3-5 teams each year.
  4. I've heard the article badly misrepresents Ryan's effectiveness and far superior performance vs Davis. Apparently each sport that has moved away from Davis and had Ryan take over academic oversight has performed significantly better academically and it's not even close.
  5. Darrell, I've heard that the "boot camp" style of program Strong has implemented is scaring a few recruits off. While I much prefer this massively higher level of discipline and work ethic versus the prior regime, I'm curious as to what you and your sources are hearing about how Strong's approach is registering with key recruits. I continue to be a bit surprised that we haven't landed more D-Line recruits as well as LB's based on Strong's defensive pedigree. Also, what's your take on our offensive approach that will have a balance between the run and the pass and how it will register with offensive recruits? I know Watson does incorporate some spread principles and Wickline is from that environment, but we don't appear to be implementing a full spread similar to Tech or Baylor and I'm curious what you are hearing from offensive recruits. We don't need a ton of WRs in this class, but I'm clearly hoping for some positive momentum. It would be nice for a Warren or Newsome to commit and help build some momentum no doubt. Same with Hill or Townsend on the defensive side of the ball. Lastly, what are you hearing regarding Dylan Mack not taking summer visits to LSU or Bama following the Kyler Murray commitment? Is he done and ruling out any other schools at this point?
  6. Awesome. Lodge,Boyd, and their parents ought to look at the police blotter before pulling the commitment trigger to Stumblin and his Swaggy environment.. The Stansbury thing is gonna get ugly
  7. Saw that as well. Apparently announcing at 2:55 tomorrow. Likely correlates to the Murray news today and especially if Kemah is announcing the day after he released his 18 team list with A&M in the top slot. Texas needs 2 receivers this year after taking 6 or whatever the total was in February. Get 2 of Newsome, Strickland, Dillon, Proche, Burt and call it a day. Need to see some defensive commits fall for Charlie soon and ideally Omenihu's reaffirmation tonight helps the cause.
  8. Any new updates on how the rehabs are coming along for Hicks, Ash, and Gray? What are you hearing regarding the recruitments of Boyd, Sheffield, and Dionte Thompson? I read elsewhere that DeShon Elliott may be chatting with the Ags recently. Any truth to that? Are we gonna keep our stud DE commit, Omenihu, from considering other schools? He's been a madman as far as recruiting other kids to Texas goes and I just don't see him opening back up. Sorry I can't spell his name. Anything new on Jefferson or Mack? Any chance we offer Jefferson's teammate, McNeal, as he seems like a pretty good player as well. What's the latest on Bergeron as recent rumors sound very promising for Joe B. Any chance we get a new entrance video? Man I hope so.
  9. Slim, what do you think about using wood bats in the NCAA?
  10. Another great crossfire. Hilarious about CS as one of Ketch's alias', but I don't think that will surprise anyone. I'm ok with adding BYU for now. It doesn't move the needle a ton, but I'd take them over some other options in order to get back to 12 teams. I've always wondered why we don't go after Arkansas and try to pull them from the SEC. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Arkie fans etc. etc., but it would be hilarious to pull a team away from the SEC and frankly Arkie has been beyond irrelevant since leaving the SWC. I've got my popcorn ready for the recruiting updates and do think some big momentum shifts for the good guys is on the way. Good luck to Augie. Those fences have been there since the Disch was built. Not sure why opposing teams come into our ball park with lower ranked recruits and consistently outhit and outscore us, but what do I know. I've wondered if NCAA schools are allowed to use wooden bats or if it's too expensive. I've spoken to an ex-Horn first baseman about wooden bats vs the current BB Core and he said the BB Core bats don't bend or flex at all which makes them dead. Wood absolutely bends an flexes and sometimes breaks, but it would be interesting to see more on this.
  11. Am looking forward to it Darrell!! Where did you relocate to in Austin by the way? Northwest area?
  12. Monarch, I'm not trying to knock Anwar's accomplishments. I'm sure he's a great guy and an accomplished journalist. So was Chip. Chip has a ballott for the Heisman voting. Chip absolutely got stuff wrong, but only because that was what his sources were providing him and once the info changed, he'd report it which is very similar to Darrell's work here. Darrell is awesome and has awesome sources. He is brave enough and willing to share that info with us once he has it, and he's brave enough to make some predictions based on that info. If the info changes, Darrell lets us know asap and has no issues if it affects a previous prediction. Everyone that Darrell and the HornSports team have added to this site have Texas ties, Texas sources, and have covered Texas Longhorn sports. Frankly I could give 2 cents whether they've won any awards and I sure as heck could care less if they covered NFL teams in Detroit and Tampa. That's not what I'm paying for and that absolutely doesn't move the needle for me. Frankly Ketchum is already treating Chip like a rival and it's gotten petty rather quickly. At some point, someone should take a look at the one constant involved in the OB departures, of which some were less than amicable over the years. You have Burton, Brown, Adams, Hamilton, Cotcher just to name a few. You also have a crap load of very, very good posters no longer over there or very infrequently as well. It's masked by the volume of subscribers, but when your one constant is your owner who is more infatuated with hearing his own voice on the radio than delivering a quality product it starts to get kinda humorous. Co-mingle that with hiring someone who has absolutely zero ties or experience with the state of Texas much less the Horns and it's becoming comical. Thankfully this site has it's bearings straight and isn't foolish enough to waste money or time on such an incompetent hire with regards to the market being covered.
  13. Test post to check out my warning point status
  14. Thanks Matt and glad you are over here. I remember your medical stuff and your battle with rehab etc. while you were at OBs. Hope you are doing great now as that can be scary stuff no doubt.
  15. What's the latest on the staff's efforts to find a serviceable juco QB candidate? If no juco QB is discovered or signed, does that mean a 2nd qb would be taken in the 2015 class? I've read that Gentry may have been told he was to be the only QB taken in this class. What's the latest on Dylan Mack and our DT recruiting as this position is getting dangerously thin after Brown, Ridgeway, and Jackson. It seems like we're on the cusp of some serious defensive progress on the recruiting front, but I'm curious why it's taken an obvious defensive guru in Strong a longer time to get these kids to commit. Where do we stand with Lodge and Hemphill and is Boyd really that infatuated with A&M when some reports had him considering a commitment to Texas a few weeks ago? What's the other half of Darrell's comment regarding Manziel being buddies with Spieth?
  16. So I frequent a few other sites including 247 and OB. Today OB announced the replacement for Chip. I won't mention the name and don't remember it frankly, but the new hire has only covered the NFL, has most recently been in Detroit and was in Tampa prior to the Detroit gig. I'm stunned that this hire has zero Texas ties, zero college football coverage experience, and the OB group think acts like the cure for Cancer has been discovered. That the ownership there is infatuated with radio and has people like Burton, Chip, Sean, Darrell and others moving onto or creating competing sites seems very telling to me. The dilution of their coverage and the departure of truly strong posters to sites like these is a win for us and less than stellar for OBs in my opinion. Their board software and server capacity is ANTIQUATED as well, but I guess some people dig misery. My subscription will run out eventually and not be renewed over there which is fine. Stuff like today, with all the huge and ridiculous build up just cements my fondness for this site and what is to come.
  17. I've read some rumors on the 247 site that Wittek may have had some sort of issue at USC that now has placed his graduation date in jeopardy which would have meant his arrival time here at Texas would have either been much later or not at all if he can't graduate quickly enough from USC. It would seem to make sense if this were the case vs a last second concern about the Texas offense after he's met with coaches at least 3 times and been on campus as many times with glowing feedback and verbalizing his intent to come to Texas to other Texas players etc.
  18. Good info. The Wittek news is late breaking, but would love to know what really happened there. Have heard he may have gotten kicked out of USC for some legal issue and therefore won't graduate on time to be ready this summer to enroll etc. I have no idea at this point.
  19. I'm here for the booze......wait......wrong thread?
  20. What are you hearing regarding the DB recruits in town for the State T&F meet this past weekend? Did Boyd and Sheffield make it over to visit with the staff and if so, what's the word? Also, whats the scoop on Dionte Thompson from WOS and his opening up of his recruitment? Any updates on Daylon Mack? I'm making up for not sending in any Qs the past 2 CrossFires!!
  21. OB had it as did 247, but it was from posters who were seeing it on Twitter. Looks like the mods from both sites reported later with OB slightly ahead of 247, but you beat them both as far as Mod confirmed report.

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