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  1. Rumored to be Sanders and Meander. Hopefully the rumor is wrong or they're only being questioned as witnesses and not participants.
  2. Why does the qb have to take a hit on every blitz? I feel like your view accentuates the negative and gives no consideration to Ash or the scheme Watson will run. We haven't even played a game yet, much less started summer/fall practices.
  3. So you see no ability to coach Ash or Heard to read a blitz and check to hot routes? It isn't rocket science and you hit a couple and the blitzes stop and the running lanes open up.
  4. Feels like the SEC affiliation for A&M is winning out for a lot of kids as well. Winning 8 games a year and finishing 4th in your own division apparently doesn't really matter to kids choosing the Ags which is bizarre. The longer we are tied to the Big 12 I fear the harder things will get in recruiting. Having current players apparently dogging our dorm food options and facilities such as the dorms and weight room etc. isn't helping either and they need to stay off twitter with that junk.
  5. Good stuff. We need to get a few more DL and LB commits to make these schemes work nicely for the long term.
  6. He's the 6th ranked center prospect in the country. What about that generates your multiple posts on this thread that are absolutely the opposite of positive towards the kid. His offer list will change as more schools become aware of him. I don't know you and you don't know me, but crapping on this kid's great news is sad to say the least.
  7. Arkie's interest doesn't surprise me. Doc spells it out well. If we take one school I presume we need another for 12. Wonder who that would be?
  8. Any updates on when it will be posted since we didn't get it last week? It's due out Friday's correct?
  9. I firmly believe Matt and Sean have good sources in addition to Darrell. My understanding is that the FOB posts are strictly from Darrell. I notice that other Horn sites have a similar feature and they show the name of the mod who provided the information. The Orange Bloods war rooms would put the name of the mod/staff member who provided each snippet whether it was Chip(now at Scout) Suchomel, Ketch, Howell, etc. I'd like this site to succeed no doubt and having everybody all in would be awesome.
  10. Just my opinion, but Q&A and FOB should be weekly. Darrell seems to supply all the content and would be nice to see others on staff contribute as well. I presume others have connections/sources in addition to Darrell and am hoping this doesn't go to a bi-weekly scenario.
  11. Sad, sad news. Had no idea they divorced. Any general info on what led to her passing and to their marital split if I may ask?
  12. I presume that this post is directed at me. I got an email at 2:06 a.m. today and let's just say the email prompted my concern and I'll leave it at that. Glad there is apparently nothing to it per the updates today, but to be clear, this wasn't pulled out of thin air and this isn't an issue with relaxation or lack thereof.
  13. Good gawd, if he was friggin drunk-mailing me early this morning I'm gonna be pissed. Scared the shit out of me with that crap if so. I've texted him today, but nothing yet which could lean towards the "liquid" connection noted earlier.
  14. He emailed me at 2:06 a.m.. How's that for a connection.
  15. Was surprised the feature was active on my post and clicked it to see what would happen. For the record I don't like any of my posts on this thread.
  16. Yes, he did make that post. I didn't ask if he was able to continue posting here, I asked if he's still on staff with Hornsports. I have reason to believe his staff status is very much in question now. I've received information specific to the Crossfire delay that the reason it has yet to come out is because of the questionable status of McPhaul with Hornsports. I find it odd that no site mods or owners have responded.
  17. I'd like to relax, but neither Darrell nor any other mods have posted/responded and this thread has been on the board for a couple of hours now. Unfortunately I have reason to believe his status has changed which would be a problem for me moving forward.
  18. I'd rather not say at this time, but the source of the info would know.
  19. Per my thread today, am concerned Darrell is no longer on staff here which would explain the delay with Crossfire that was due last Friday.
  20. I've not seen any recent articles from Sean Adams either. Am hoping we can get some clarification asap. Darrell moved back to Austin to help continue the growth of this site so this would be very odd if he's no longer with the site staff.
  21. Per updates from SFGirl and Santa I'm removing the title etc. Sorry for the fire drill.
  22. Very valid points. Why not just look at creating a football RPI and selection committee. Expand the playoffs to the top 16 or 32 teams and let her rip? The committee can decide who gets automatic bids just like hoops based on conference championship games and determine which lower ranked conferences get automatic bids and which don't. RPI and rankings should get the the top 16-32 fairly well defined and just like hoops, you are going to have some teams on the bubble who are not at all happy with selections, but ultimately there isn't much argument in hoops as to who is the valid champ.

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