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  1. El Mahico's statement could be part of the smokescreen and reduced traffic pointing towards or away from Saban by design. We've heard Saban and Sexton weren't crazy about the Hicks boys publicizing their communications and Patterson is apparently rather adept at tightening up the leaks etc. I gotta think we'll get a helluva coach regardless and Saban would be great. I like Malzahn and Briles as well. How filthy would we be in very short order with one of those two as HC and Muschamp as our DC? One can dream right?
  2. As noted above, am very much hoping Maddog was one of the football staffers/assistants given the news......along with Chambers and Plonsky.
  3. Agree with everyone. It's PC spin so everyone has a happy ending and a smooth transition with Mack remaining in good graces and giving the appearance that he made the decision on his own.
  4. I'd expect us to move as fast as is possible with the bowl game schedule to be respected, but in order to try and hold the key cogs of the 2014 recruiting class. I'm sure the existing staff will work on that or mostly the most valued guys like Major, Searels, Giles and Wyatt. Bo Robinson may be in good shape if we hire Saban unless there's more to the story of him leaving bama to come to Texas.
  5. Very interesting indeed and thanks for sharing
  6. I tend to think going Independent or following up on Randolph Duke's intel that may offer some outs on the GOR so we can join a stronger existing conference.
  7. The rich get richer. That gif is awesome
  8. I guess my question would be why don't we have a huge margin for error? Is it because he thinks we're not very talented? Could it be we have schemes that don't allow for much error? I'm not sure what Mack meant, but I don't think I've ever heard a Saban or Briles say anything like this.
  9. Am hoping Malzahn enters the picture, regardless of his wife, if we can't get Saban.
  10. I'm ambivolent at this point. Anything would be better than the current Big12 so I kinda don't care as long as we move somewhere.
  11. Malzahn has been impressive no doubt and pretty amazing how good Auburn was with him under Chizik and how bad they got under Chizik without Gus. Gus is back and lo and behold Auburn is good again.
  12. Would be a great addition. Gotta love the quality adds.
  13. This question comes due to how much I'm enjoying the content on this site and also likely due to my ignorance in understanding the site navigation, but is there a quicker way to return to topics than to continually scroll back to the top of the page and click on the Burnt Orange Board (BOB) hyperlink? The back button would take me back to the page as it was when I opened whatever thread I was on, but a return to topics button would seem to return us to the refreshed page. Was hoping to see this added or for someone to tell me it already exists and I'm too dumb to find it.
  14. Has anyone heard if Briles new extension has out clauses for any in-state schools or is the buyout a flat amount with no school exceptions?
  15. Jitter had some shake and bake as I recall.
  16. Hopefully Patterson swings the change hammer forcefully here. Season Tix sales have declined, stands aren't full even for a marqee game vs a ranked OSU team Saturday. Tons of apathy and we're getting passed by other instate schools with far smaller budgets and resources.
  17. Still amazed that Texas would ever find itself in this kind of mess at QB
  18. Couldn't believe Case tried that throw. Still clueless as to where any semblance of a vertical, seam route, slant route, middle of the field passing game has disappeared to.
  19. Hornrush nailed it. Truly a sad state of affairs for the moeny we make and the resources we have at our disposal.
  20. Good to see Cujo here. This place is really picking up the pace!
  21. Duke is whipping some ass on this thread. Sorry but it is what it is.
  22. No problemo. Just keep the good intel coming and welcome aboard.

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