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  1. Gotta agree. Quite the buildup for that info.
  2. Does the site software provide the ability to allow each subscriber to reenter a thread at the post within the thread that they last viewed? I love this feature on Burton's site and it saves time and allows you to reenter a thread exactly where you last viewed it. Anyway, I love this site regardless!
  3. I think thanks to Mack, we have the ability and attractiveness as a program to avoid repeating the cyclical mistakes this time around. High profile stud coaches will be lined up and Saban doesn't appear to be off the grid either
  4. Looks like Nicholson is working OT to find some jewels
  5. The one where Chip is teasing the special report in the upcoming Warroom
  6. Not sure if he was serious or having fun with the Chip special report topic speculation
  7. Man it would be sweet if Plonsky were on the chopping block, but hopefully it isn't to do with Moss and Daje
  8. Frost may do great, but am also surprised they don't go after a proven HC and perhaps throw some cash at Frost to come be their OC and.................wait for it............HCIW
  9. Have seen a few posts from him on OB so he's out there somewhere
  10. Strictly rumor mill, but have heard from friends in the Hendrickson neighborhood that Daje has a couple of kiddos already. If so, and I'm speaking hypothetically here, why would he be partying or missing class based on this alleged status? Anyway, just my 2 cents as an older parental unit.
  11. Article in the AAS today says we had 2700 in attendance for Houston Baptist. Home crowds have been 4k or less so far. Gotta think no matter the record this year and the fact you can never see the team on LHN that Patterson notices the money suckage currently ini place for hoops.
  12. Payton would be very good as well IMO. I hadn't even considered him.
  13. 1. Hire one of Saban, Briles, Malzahn, Jim Harbaugh as next HC 2. Immediately fire Madden and Plonsky
  14. Would much prefer Jim, but that's just me.
  15. Texas will sell itself, but needs a stud hire to turn the tide of momentum built by other instate schools such as the Ags and BU. We can't have a HC who sits around waiting for 5* talent to fall in his lap.
  16. As long as you keep your sig pic unchanged you can moderate whatever the hell you want!
  17. Augie is due for a good year and would like Nicholson to get some good pub this year for his efforts. Gotta think Pitching will be strong again so a little more hitting can make all the difference.
  18. Hopefully Trey likes the new staff and especially on the defensive side of the ball to the point that he stays onboard.

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