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  1. With Patterson running the show now, I think everything potentially changes including our view of the SEC, but time will tell.
  2. Curious how the hoops transfers are doing except most of them may be sitting out this year as well.
  3. Put me in the not no, but hell no camp.
  4. That's it? That's your response? Tell us, what wagers have you placed on Saban staying at Bama? Just curious if you actually practice what you spout. Saban may not come to Texas, but I continue to find it hilarious that you are so pissed that people are sharing information about the possibility that he will come here. Why exactly does that make you so angry? Friggin bizarre.
  5. Orangeman01 is gonna have an absolute crap fit if Saban comes to Texas. Bizarre how she only appears on the board to shout down Saban rumors. She apparently has not placed any wagers or bet her monthly rent check on Saban staying at Bama, but continues to urge others to wager otherwise. I continue to believe she is either a troll or an existing Texas Athletic Dept employee who knows her days are numbered.
  6. Why are you so angry? The rumors and assertions will be proven out soon. You look silly and frankly either appear as a troll or a current employee in the Texas athletic dept who is about to be fired.
  7. The Hex Rally isn't that old or some timeless tradition. It was started in the 80's or 90's as an attempt to counter the Ags bonfire. Time to move on and demolish the Hex Rally right along with the Erwin Center.
  8. Bingo. What a depressing group to choose from. Deloss waiting on ND and not actively working on Florida St. Clemson, Va Tech etc. is hurting now. Louisville athletically would be attractive as well.....at least from a football and hoops perspective.
  9. I honestly have no idea what happened there and can only wonder if their face-masks may have somehow locked together? Just absolutely bizarre.
  10. Agree. It's very compelling just how good teams are with Malzahn as the OC or HC. People forget we looked at Nick Marshall......wait for it......as a safety last offseason. Hard to blame him for looking at Auburn and other schools that would give him a legitimate shot at QB. I'd be very happy with Malzahn here, but don't get the impression it's very realistic. I've felt for some time that programs that bring in strong, offensive minded coaches turn things around more quickly. Examples are Malzahn, Meyer, Briles. While programs that go with a defensive minded approach either take longer such as Muschamp at Florida. Other examples can refute my observations such as Strong at Louisville being a defensive guy etc., but Malzahn is doing it amongst the big boys in the SEC.
  11. Interesting that Sumlin is on your HC candidate list, but Briles is not? I see Sumlin as more of a liability and essentially taking advantage of players provided by the prior staff's he's been brought in to replace. Sumlin owes Briles and Sherman a huge thanks
  12. Where does Joe Jamail fit in the new HC search? Is he part of the anti-Saban crew?
  13. N Grundy called off the dogs midway through the 2nd half against us when he saw how ineffective our offense was. OSU would have scored 60 on us otherwise
  14. Prefer to explore reality, not fluff. Have no problem and ready and waiting to back a competent HC and staff, but very tired of the priortization of revenue and the de-emphasis of performance and accountability.
  15. Absolutely spot on and hilarious. Those special unis worked out really well today for little bro to the east.
  16. Agreed. Would be interested to hear more detail if available.
  17. Cliff here. Born and raised in Austin and still here. Grew up in the same hood with McPhaul. Diehard Horn since birth and graduated from Texas in 89. Love the site and ready for the changes ahead.
  18. Agree with all that the tease implied more build up than should have been expected. The info was fine and definitely offered additional detail. My concern in reading the back and forth between Ketch and the multitude of posters that were frustrated with the content was that he continued to ask where he or Chip stated the report would have bombshell type info. He failed to acknowledge, in my opinion, that the tease itself and which lasted over 10 HOURS, along with labeling it a "Special Report" to the War Room implies some hellaciously serious news coming down the pipe. In his defense, Ketch did apologize for the tease itself so I think he gets it to some degree, but his back and forth with posters didn't seem consistent with his taking responsibility for the tease in my opinion.
  19. Sorry but as a dual subscriber to OB and this site, I will be shutting down the OB subscription as soon as they let me. McPhaul knows what I'm talking about, but regardless, this site is awesome and big ain't always better. Quality content however is always better and maybe splitting time trying to become a radio personality can dilute that quality.
  20. Will be an interesting 6-8 weeks no doubt. Feels like the smokescreen efforts are in full force now.

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