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  1. Boy you are going to be depressed Saturday. And good thing all the insiders have posted their ways towards Saban coming to Texas soon. See how easy that is?
  2. Zoom, please don't ever change your sig pic. I love me some Leanna!!!!! Holy lord she is one gorgeous ginger!!!
  3. Gosh dangit Darrell!!!! I'll be at Ymas here in Austin, but will have a marg for you. Don't leave us hangin in the ATX without some scoopage!!
  4. Definitely dug Aidensdad on OB. He always had good scoop. Hope he comes this way asap.
  5. Great report as always! Put me in the group hoping to hear more on a best guess/estimate for when Mack steps down or if this is based on when they get Saban signed?
  6. Orangeman01 better get his bama fans under control since they are now turning on Saban by the truckloads. Hilarious!!
  7. Here's what you posted above: "Do we get an explanation from the insiders as to why and how they were wrong? I seem to recall an insider saying that today would be the day, that it had been decided. There is no way he is coming back out and retiring today. Hopefully we get a better answer than "situation is fluid..." Orangebloods has become infamous for running off very connected insiders for posts like this. Unfortunately it looks to me like you are calling out insiders that have moved here, but that's just me.
  8. Seems far fetched. Mack will ruin any semblance of goodwill he has left by holding the program hostage another yr.
  9. Good fit and he knows the area and has done good things at Washington
  10. I've seen one post from OB and the poster claimed to be in an internal AD meeting that pointed to Dec 2nd. Haven't seen anyone on this board say with certainty that Dec 2 is the day for Mack to announce, but they have all said Mack will definitely step down after this season.
  11. Got it and thanks for clarifying. That is very, very interesting no doubt.
  12. Got a poster over there asking the OB mods to look into stuff being posted on IT by JS. Apparently JS is asking members if they have connections to UPD based on some recent event. Not sure if arrests are involved or which if any players, but apparently something is brewing. Not sure if Darrell or others on this board have any intel?
  13. The rich get richer. Cool to have Slim over here
  14. Fair enough. Contractor mentioned Major needs time under a Malzahn, Graham type HC and was just noting he's already worked under Graham
  15. Look at Auburn's record with Malzahn on staff as either OC or HC as opposed to their record with Malzahn elsewhere. And while Malzahn was elsewhere look at the records during that time for the programs he led. He did amazing things before Cam Newton ever got to Auburn and after Cam left.
  16. If Mack announces on Monday Dec 2nd then Patterson will have more to discuss no doubt.
  17. Wow. I had no idea Little was let go. Just my opinion, but I think they released the wrong Little.
  18. I would think the department would want any changes to look like promotional reassignments versus the actual and intended removals for the good of the program. Probably need some time to arrange some soft landings would be my guess. I'd kinda like Madden to be at the front of the line with Plonsky.
  19. Darrell, great stuff as always. 2 follow up questions. 1. Does Patterson have different views on conference alignment/realignment and playing the Ags again than Dodds? 2. Does getting Saban change Solomon Thomas' thinking? Getting Shaw would seem to definitely change his view, but just wondering.
  20. Thanks Darrell!! Awesome job and can't wait for the latest. Hopefully the Bama trolls don't hijack more threads.

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