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Posts posted by ATX89

  1. so you're out what...$50? send me a bill and i'll pay it if you don't post again.


    i rejoined OB for a month for the Dillard auction. one month is enough. it's a cesspool. 

    frankly, i've been happy with the access and analysis from this site recently. that wasn't always the case. 


    This is your second dramatic post. just f-----g leave. you'll not be missed.


    I left OB for the same reasons.  If you think OB is the standard that's sad.


    If you think the way this site is treating a friend of mine, who was an owner here, is acceptable then you better get used to my posts.  Granted you can put me on ignore or not read them, but it's pretty ridiculous how many of you supposedly great character Longhorn brethren condone absolutely shitty treatment of a valued mod.  Darrell is being pushed out as his content overshadows that of the other mods and for that, they are making him leave.  


    The content here is crap and there's no reason to charge people for it. Believe it or not, there are great posting communities with better, faster, more pertinent content than this site and the content is free or no more expensive and I'm not talking about OB.


    Having you pay my refund defeats the intent.  The idiots who treat my friend like shit are the ones who need to pay my refund.  Honestly you should pull on both ears and when you hear a loud pop, that will be your head exiting your ass.

  2. I see the pushing out of Darrell hasn't garnered any improvements in site content or speed.  Not sure what servers are being used, but they are extremely slow which is odd due to the small number of subscribers.


    Content since I last logged in is even worse if that's possible.  Unbelievable that pro-rated refunds aren't available for those of us stupid enough to trust the site and it's hoped for trajectory and purchased a full year.  Once again, paying month to month and at higher rates is the way to go when the content is literally bait and switched.



  3. You have to be kidding me. I log on for the first time in a while and have to read this ridiculous post by ATX?? Somebody send him a beer and a pack of smokes and tell him to relax.

    It's ridiculous that the treatment of the crossfire author is leading me to leave? I know the author. He didn't ask for more $. He is getting hosed and I won't support a site that treats a friend in this manner.


    Trust me, I won't let the door hit me in the ass.

  4. Agree with both bolded comments. . . 

    It's actually not a "look at me"  post, but it is definitely a look at Crossfire post.  It's gone.  Anyone wondering what that means for the author of Crossfire?  Extremely terrible way to run a business and to treat what was a valued contributor/mod on this site.  Ideally many of you will realize what is happening and not support a site run in this manner or that treats employees/partners in this manner.  I'll leave it at that.


    Frankly, I just want my $ back as I'd love nothing more than to never post on this site again.

  5. Sorry guys, but I'm out.  Similar to Bigg Ugly's departure,the content on this site can be found elsewhere and more promptly.  There is no value that warrants charging for a sub at this point.  The one true, inside sourced feature is now gone.  I'm on an annual membership, but would appreciate the mods making an exception to provide a pro-rated refund immediately.  The birdie features are dated info and watered down unfortunately and already covered by other sites.

  6. I would like to answer this question with my own reason for remaining on this site.


    And the answer is:  YOU  and others like you.


    I'm not a mod and I have no vested connection with this site.  But I enjoy the community aspect of it and I enjoy the comments and threads of posters just like yourself.


    As far as "inside info"  - I mean, come on.  You and I both know that "inside info" is nothing more than bait to attract subscibers, anyway.  Most of it is incorrect - i.e., the "en masse" rush to IT because of the optimistic reports of Saban coming to UT - thru their "inside info".  This turned out to be incredibly wrong.


    And, I have read where HS has gained credentials with UT - that's huge! 


    I agree with the lack of practice reports - they could have done this.  You can bet, with the unhappiness in this thread, they will in the future.


    But I speak the truth and I repeat, I am here to read what YOU have to say.  It's worth the money to me - I mean it's the price of a cup of coffee, a month.


    I can understand if you were on here for different reasons, but I would hate to see you leave because you are a valued poster - and a charter member.

    Appreciate it Doc and Slim's post is spot on as well.  I don't want to leave.  I want the site to continue it's progressions as was laid out months ago.  I don't want it to turn into OB etc.  I'm leaving OB for all the reasons many of us have experienced.  I'm simply concerned with the lack of apparent progress as the stated plans were extremely impressive.  Having a mod generated summary of the open practices or what the mods are hearing from practices or inside the team would be appreciated along with our mods takes on these developments.  Just because Chip or Burton says something, doesn't mean that's the gold standard.

  7. I'll chime in because I know Aaron started this site way before McPhaul was around, way before most of you posted here. I've reiterated this several times and I will do it again.  I know Aaron from our days at UT and he is a standup guy in every aspect of the word. He told me from several years ago that this site had every intention of becoming something unique and it is still becoming "unique."  ATX89, I don't know you but if you think this site was built around and managed by McPhaul (who I don't happen to know), then you are mistaken.  I won't let you make ridiculous statements.  And from what I see Matt Cotcher (who I also don't know) is putting in a ton of work.  I emailed Aaron last week and we have yet to speak, but I am certain he has something special planned for the site.  


    You act like you are McPhaul's personal secretary or perhaps you are kin to him.  If you don't like things here then you should not post here.  It's fairly simple. If you have complaints, voice them reasonably and with decency.


    I am not a premium member only because I cannot afford it. If I had $5 per month to spend on my limited budget this would be the first site I join because the people here are genuine. While I lurk more than anything, I like Horn Sports because the people here are generally of sound mind and Aaron is a good guy.


    I've never, ever said Darrell started this site.  Do you know why he's on this site?  He didn't just show up.  Tell me something.  How much has the membership on this site increased since Darrell came aboard?  I know the answer and I definitely know you have no clue.  Let me know in any of my posts where I've made ridiculous or untrue statements, much less any unreasonable or indecent posts?  That you don't like my posts, concerns, or views doesn't mean my posts are unreasonable or indecent, but thanks for playing.


    You've elaborated on why you can't afford $5 a month so you would likely agree that paying that amount deserves real value correct?  You also currently don't see the "premium content".  Help me understand why does that prevent those of us who do spend our hard earned $5/month from wondering why our content is basically no different from what you see for free and content that is already posted before it shows up on this site on places like Shaggy Bevo, TexasSports.com, and other free boards.


    Next time you post, get your facts straight.  Frankly I would have cancelled by now, but I'm one of the idiots that paid for a full year and I've not been given any options for a pro-rated refund thus far.   Not sure why that makes me an unreasonable or indecent poster and especially when you haven't contributed one penny to this site.


    Lastly, you have no right and are in no position to tell me where, what or when I can and can't post and especially when you aren't even a premium member while I paid for a full year in advance.  I've asked straightforward and civil questions and expressed my concerns rationally and without any vitriol. Just because you don't like my viewpoints gives you no right to try and dictate how I can conduct myself on this board and especially when I've been civil and rational.  I've seen horrific posters on this board and never once have I seen you dictate squat to any of those individuals.  If I didn't care about this board  I wouldn't post my concerns.  Unfortunately, I see no improvement and the trajectory since several of us signed up for the premium service has decreased instead of improved. 


    Sean Adams is apparently not contributing despite the big announcement a few months ago that he was joining.  Rumor was Gerry Hamilton was going to contribute......never happened.  Crossfire is either gone or delayed when it is available, but has not been posted in over 2 weeks and was the best content on this site.....like it or not.  


    I do know Darrell.  I don't know Aaron.  Nowhere in my posts, questions, or concerns, have I even remotely attacked Aaron or Matt personally.  I'm sure they are good guys and true Orangebloods.  I also know Darrell is a great person and EXTREMELY well connected.  He's one of the few in this industry who is brave enough to post what he hears, but only when he's granted permission to do so.


    Except for your comment that you know Aaron, which I can't verify, your post is extremely opinionated and full of inaccuracies and/or you have a very challenged level of reading comprehension.


    I'll anxiously await your reply and any facts you can provide to address my concerns.  Otherwise, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone's got one and they all stink.

  8. The entire "Nick Saban" chapter was nothing other than violated confidences. Anonymous sources are problematic at best. The only time a source wants to remain anonymous is to avoid repercussions of going public and on the record. Make me the argument why anyone involved with the program would want to remain anonymous while dishing inside information. What repercussions does the individual want to avoid?


    Absolutely ridiculous.  Nothing was reported here that the sources didn't want reported.  You can't  believe half of what you type.  Just  because Powers and Patterson scuttled any Sexton client from becoming our next head coach doesn't mean the info wasn't valid and accurate at that time.

  9. I'm on record having concerns with "insiders" offering information that hasn't been cleared for public release. I think Darrell does a good job of pushing for information other than what the people running the program would rather not be made public. He seems to ask smart questions rather than ask to be fed straight gossip. I enjoy Crossfire, but what I am looking forward to is the conversation during the season when there is actually something to talk about. If Crossfire would move to being more focused on personal observations and first person accounts, I wouldn't have any complaints.


     I don't think you understand what level of sources some of the mods have access to.  Having access to their insights and access should never go away frankly and to suggest otherwise just doesn't make sense.  If I want editorials on Texas athletics, I can get those talking to my buds at the tailgates or from Texassports.com and multiple free sites as well as most any state metro news site.  

  10. I understand everyone's concern over Crossfire. One insider post about practices doesn't replace one of this site's most read features.


    I do disagree with the content thoughts above. This site covered the Wednesday and Friday press conferences extensively (and not just "posters pasting other site's content). Additionally, there have been loads of new articles and features released over the past few weeks and much of it is premium content. 


    There are a lot of interesting pieces here that are getting overlooked. Several debates about uniforms, some bbq/recipe threads and a thread about a supporter of this site that's having medical trouble are all contributing to the site's original content being overshadowed.


    How to do a better job of emphasizing content is a valid discussion. Saying that content doesn't exist isn't factual.


    No offense Matt and I think you are good guy and got a raw deal from OB.  Unfortunately, I should not be paying $4.95/month for the press conference coverage that I can get for free at 7 other sites.  Just my 2 cents, but the value is in the access you guys apparently have to true sources.  If you guys are too afraid to print that info for fear of retribution from Bellmont, then why in the world should I pay for info I can get from Texassports.com?


    Except for Crossfire and some chalk-talk, the next "breaking" info on anything Texas athletics related on this site will be the first time I can remember this site leading with any new info ahead of other free sites.


    In Hornsports current state, a premium is being charged for info that is now non-existent per no Crossfire's in 2 weeks or info that is freely available on multiple free sites.  Whatever happened to Sean Adams?  I know he's back on the radio, but doesn't he have sources?


    What exactly is the differentiator that warrants a "premium" sub?

  11. I hate to agree with everyone but I'm kinda getting to the point were I'm thinking about canceling too. I'm looking at the board right now, there's one premium topic pinned the rest are about BBQ, Landscaping, Business, recipes etc. I like the people and the environment here but not enough to pay for this site versus one that keeps up with extra content. For example BurntOrangeNation already has a full breakdown of today's practice written up http://www.burntorangenation.com/2014/8/10/5988525/fall-2014-open-practice-notes-david-ash-charlie-strong-texas-longhorns I'm sure the other sites do too. I come here and there's nothing but what other members have linked from other sites. Don't get me wrong, I really want you guys to succeed and I like the idea behind this site and I was more than happy paying for Crossfire and similar articles(chalk talk being on of them) that gave me good insight of the program and how people involved with it were thinking but once most of that disappeared, I just can't justify paying anymore only for content that I can get from other sites very easily.


    Well articulated post.  


    I'd ask the mods/owners at this point, and with no crossfire in 2 weeks and still no practice reports from an open practice today, what exactly justifies charging any of us as "premium" subscribers the $4.95/month or the annual fee for others of us like me?

  12. I subscribed to this board specifically to have access to Crossfire. I really don't care about what kind of car you would like to drive to DKR, what golf courses to play, or for that matter landscaping (I live in Mexico.) What I do care about is informed opinions about Longhorns sports. During the upheaval last fall and winter this site was nails. Sure, some of the opinions didn't come to fruition, but they were informed opinions from legitimate sources. That's all you can ask for.

    Agreed. If Crossfire by Darrell goes away, I'm gone as well. Unfortunately, the content on this site is severely lacking and delayed vs other sites, EXCEPT for Darrell's info. These cryptic messages by mods about changes, and only when forced by subscriber posts is unacceptable.

  13. Horn Sports members,


    We are revamping some things related to the way content is disseminated and the way it looks. We are ironing out the kinks with all of our content pieces to ensure continuity for the foreseeable future. Things should be more predictable /stable with the delivery of our weekly pieces very soon.


    Thanks for your patience and support.


    HS Staff

    Why does it take a subscriber post to find this out? Why wouldn't a mod proactively post this info?

  14. Sorry, but if you're on this board for insider info you're wasting time. It's a fun community but damn near every meaningful bite is a cut/paste from another site.


    If you only knew how incorrect your statement is.  Like it or not, Darrell is very, very well connected.  His sources don't always get it right, but they do get inside scoop and share it even thought it may change.  You should call or privately email Darrell soon to better understand what I'm clarifying here.

  15. Looks like we have a new leader in the journalist's Home Run Derby. Nice work.

    Sorry if I'm confusing you with another poster, but didn't you post something recently that essentially said Darrell shouldn't be posting info about this kid that you thought was exaggerated or unsubstantiated?


    If so, looks like Darrell was right along.  If not, my apologies.

  16. Darrell, what's the latest on the two players allegedly involved in some form or fashion with the sexual assault occurrence from a few weeks ago?  Is it looking like a case of them being witnesses and not directly involved, mistaken identity or do you anticipate suspensions, dismissals, or arrests?


    I too am curious as to the status of the Stansbury(sp?) situation for the Ags.


    Any insight or updates on the recruitment of Boyd?  Ag sites say he's indicating he knows where he wants to go and it may be tough to get him out of the Opening uncommitted to the Ags despite his family's preference for Texas.  Also, curious if we have any updates on Sheffield and Jefferson.  Am hoping we see some strong commits start to fall and get the momentum rolling.  Newsome would be nice.

  17. I don't think it is a good idea to mention names at this point. 

    I'm relaying what was posted on another site.  I also clarified that it was unclear if these players were witnesses or participants.  Not sure how else to more clearly qualify and clarify the information, but if I have information I will share it. 

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