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  1. I heard Brian Kelley on the radio this a/m. He said ND would block any transfer to schools they would play this fall
  2. I was just looking at the football schedule for the upcoming season, and it really looks to be a fun year, especially at home, with multiple good games. I hope the team improves a lot and is competitive in each game. Home games with Cal, OSU, KSU, and Tech , with close by games in Dallas, Waco and Ft Worth. Could be a really fun year WEEK NAME VENUE W/L 9/5 Notre Dame South Bend, IN 9/12 Rice Austin, TX 9/19 California Austin, TX 9/26 Oklahoma State Austin, TX 10/3 TCU Ft. Worth, TX 10/10 Oklahoma Dallas, TX 10/24 Kansas State Austin, TX 10/31 Iowa State Ames, IA 11/7 Kansas Austin, TX 11/14 West Virginia Morgantown, WV 11/26 Texas Tech Austin, TX 12/5 Baylor Waco, TX
  3. Have to agree with Cheese on this. especially Greg Hardy, if he got his chit together, this guy would be a great addition Also want them to resign mcclain
  4. Not really, this has Stephen Jones all over it. They evaluated the situation, they like Murray a lot but not at the price he got. They think Murray is a good back, not a great one, and that what they had last yr was mainly a result of career yr for Murray and a fantastic O line. Stephen thinks McFadden still has some gas, and lets face it, he was an outstanding college runner. He is a low risk and klikely temporary guy. I suspect they will get a good back out of the draft and go from there. The Cowboys are finally doing this right, they are not overpaying for guys they do not believe to be elite or positions they do not believe warrant it. I hate to see DeMarco go but think about it, Kelly got rid of McCoy, an argurable better or at least equal back to Murray. In addition, Murray is quite possibly about to hit the wall for running backs after such a heavy load last season. I wish he were coming back, but I understand why they decided not to go to the 21 million guaranteed point. If it were up to JJ, he would have paid it, Stephen is the cap master for them and they finally seem to be doing things right, stay young, buiold in the drafte and a few FA signings, stay out of cap hell.
  5. Indeed it does I have mixed feelings about this. The incident itself is despicable. However the backlash is the expected overreaction from any and everyone. The biggest problem I see is if these students are given due process or not by the university. I hate it in America now when we tend to convict and punish out of reflex in the media instead of due process.
  6. I went to Augusta 10 yrs ago for a practice round I saw 4 shots all day, the rest of the day was suspended due to rain. I did get to walk the course and I did get to go in the clubhouse and meet Nicklaus. That was pretty cool. I hope to go back some day
  7. He is clearly a quick witted and bright guy, but he has several character flaws and lacks good judment
  8. From hearing about this today, It looks like the video is nothing more than a few screenshots from a video that no longer exists. I suspect this was another uncomfortable Dez incident but isnt anything major.. The police didn't even charge anyone and it occurred some 4 yrs ago I suspect this will all blow over in the next week or two
  9. Very Barry Sanders like player. He was a great talent
  10. Yea, with Fifty Shades of Grey coming out, that name may confuse you.
  11. . Well I don't thinks its unusual to make a major life decision and be torn as to what to do. Maybe the kid is just feeling hurt by the venom from the UCLA social universe. I think he will be great when he gets here
  12. I predict I will be less confused tomorrow than today, but not by much
  13. Yea, I suspect it is 15 to 20 yrs away
  14. No offense to Baylor or TCU, they are Baylor and TCU without a long traditional hx of excellence If we had been 11-1 there is no doubt in my mind we would have been in the Playoff If TCU hadn't choked against BU, they would have been in You are framing a narrative I don't agree with. Conference football power goes up and down as its major teams do. I would prefer the PAC or the SEC but we are in the Big 12 and will likely remain there for a while. If we win, we will have an opportunity to win championships, both conference and national
  15. Indeed, its all about winning, no matter what the conference
  16. I don't follow recruiting like most of you guys do, but I am , as I do yrly, watching it with interest just not intently Can you guys give me your honest opinion of this class so far, in looking at the numbers it looks like we have mostly 3 and 4 start guys, he loaded up on the lines and db' and lb's which I believe is essential. What are your thoughts on this class and what are our chances of getting a couple of more studs like Locksley and the Plano RB? Does this class have a chance of making an impact this coming year?
  17. I just don't agree. For a lot of fans that is true, but for many that love football, we will remember this game for a longtime Meaningful competition is, to me, always compelling and last night was compelling at the highest levels. The NFL does it right, IMHO, by and large you have to play well to make the playoffs ( Carolina was an exception this yr) and when in the playoffs the games are usually high quality and very competitive. It hurts when you lose for fans and the team.. It is true I am not as connected emotionally to my pro team as I am to Texas, but its pretty close. As far as enjoying football when I have no dog in the fight, give me the NFL, great players, highly entertaining and many if not most games go down to the wire.
  18. So are we officially in the Jerrod Heard era? Is there any significant difference between him and Murray?
  19. I have dropped out of OB, tired of the nonsense What did Ketch have to say. What does going "all in" mean. I still distinctly remember " Its Austin"
  20. Mack Brown would have stopped after Gentry committed, no more qbs would have been recruited. We have seen the results of that over the past 5 seasons with just very poor qb play. CFS is trying to add competitos to the team. I hope it works well for us
  21. Well each time there is a change of possession, they change to the balls the offense has brought with them. So its unlikely a defender will handle or hold the opposing offenses footballs much.unless they get a turnover. And in addition, the kicking balls are also different.
  22. Life is about the past, memories and history. I'm watching it now. I must admit I had forgotten how truly great that team was. The best team in Texas hx IMHO
  23. Nada but i will accept donations. Will no one answer? I truly don't know the story
  24. I was gone for a few months and now am back, what happened to McPhaul and to crossfire?

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