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  1. I heard Brian Kelley on the radio this a/m. He said ND would block any transfer to schools they would play this fall
  2. I was just looking at the football schedule for the upcoming season, and it really looks to be a fun year, especially at home, with multiple good games. I hope the team improves a lot and is competitive in each game. Home games with Cal, OSU, KSU, and Tech , with close by games in Dallas, Waco and Ft Worth. Could be a really fun year WEEK NAME VENUE W/L 9/5 Notre Dame South Bend, IN 9/12 Rice Austin, TX 9/19 California Austin, TX 9/26 Oklahoma
  3. Have to agree with Cheese on this. especially Greg Hardy, if he got his chit together, this guy would be a great addition Also want them to resign mcclain
  4. Not really, this has Stephen Jones all over it. They evaluated the situation, they like Murray a lot but not at the price he got. They think Murray is a good back, not a great one, and that what they had last yr was mainly a result of career yr for Murray and a fantastic O line. Stephen thinks McFadden still has some gas, and lets face it, he was an outstanding college runner. He is a low risk and klikely temporary guy. I suspect they will get a good back out of the draft and go from there. The Cowboys are finally doing this right, they are not overpaying for guys they do not
  5. Indeed it does I have mixed feelings about this. The incident itself is despicable. However the backlash is the expected overreaction from any and everyone. The biggest problem I see is if these students are given due process or not by the university. I hate it in America now when we tend to convict and punish out of reflex in the media instead of due process.
  6. I went to Augusta 10 yrs ago for a practice round I saw 4 shots all day, the rest of the day was suspended due to rain. I did get to walk the course and I did get to go in the clubhouse and meet Nicklaus. That was pretty cool. I hope to go back some day
  7. He is clearly a quick witted and bright guy, but he has several character flaws and lacks good judment
  8. From hearing about this today, It looks like the video is nothing more than a few screenshots from a video that no longer exists. I suspect this was another uncomfortable Dez incident but isnt anything major.. The police didn't even charge anyone and it occurred some 4 yrs ago I suspect this will all blow over in the next week or two
  9. Very Barry Sanders like player. He was a great talent
  10. Yea, with Fifty Shades of Grey coming out, that name may confuse you.
  11. . Well I don't thinks its unusual to make a major life decision and be torn as to what to do. Maybe the kid is just feeling hurt by the venom from the UCLA social universe. I think he will be great when he gets here
  12. I predict I will be less confused tomorrow than today, but not by much
  13. Yea, I suspect it is 15 to 20 yrs away
  14. No offense to Baylor or TCU, they are Baylor and TCU without a long traditional hx of excellence If we had been 11-1 there is no doubt in my mind we would have been in the Playoff If TCU hadn't choked against BU, they would have been in You are framing a narrative I don't agree with. Conference football power goes up and down as its major teams do. I would prefer the PAC or the SEC but we are in the Big 12 and will likely remain there for a while. If we win, we will have an opportunity to win championships, both conference and national
  15. Indeed, its all about winning, no matter what the conference

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