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  1. Great job compiling all of this information and presenting it in a readable format! Thank you sir. We'll be light as he'll at LB next year too. I wonder if a few DBs or WRs will be converted.
  2. So, we need to start paying to get recruits? I don't understand how no one in the media talks about this. Even on the local call in shows. I almost called in today to bring it up and hear their reaction.
  3. If I had Pelini as a head coach I'd have the red ass too.
  4. We're Texas, and we just can't see anyone leaving here for a similar job.
  5. Details are being reported by Mike Finger from the SA Express News. There are bonuses for academic performance also: "$25K for 2.9 GPA, $50K for 3.0, $75K for 3.1, $75k for APR in top 10 percentile." Also, this: "If Strong is fired without cause before the deal expires, UT still owes him 100% of salary."
  6. CFT is reporting that Strong's deal has been approved: http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/01/13/texas-regents-approve-strongs-five-year-26-million-deal/ Interesting part on possible bonuses: "Strong can earn $100,000 for winning coach of the year, $100,000 per Big 12 championship win, $100,000 for each berth in the national championship and $250,000 for each national championship win. He’ll also earn a 3 percent bonus if Texas finishes in the top five and a 2 percent bonus if it finishes in the top 10."
  7. Are you hearing anything on Chad Morris coming here? I know it'd be difficult with his buyout. Most likely would only happen if we had a 3 year commitment from him to stay as our OC.
  8. My likey! Now it is just a matter of how high we shoot for our first choice. Sure hope we hear something definitive by this weekend. Thanks McP.
  9. I think it's probably going to happen. I mean, Texas Barnes? WTH does that even mean? His last name isn't a very good adjective so he must go!
  10. This isn't anything new. There has been smoke for quite some time. Seems to have picked up since their move to the $EC.
  11. I pretty much assumed paying was at least part of the their MO after the RS-J thing. It was almost as blatant as the Cam Newton story. But I'm glad that more is coming to light.
  12. Yeah! WTH?! I guess one sign of success on a site like this is when people start bitching about your posts not coming out on time!
  13. It'd be nice to read it. Why does it take an hour and a half to post it?
  14. Travesty. Of course, if he'd have played on a team anywhere on the east coast he'd have made it on the first ballot. Just another reason why baseball blows. They don't get it.
  15. So you build 4 into the logo with only four laces shown. Should keep everyone quiet about expanding the playoffs then, right?
  16. I think keeping Suddes is a good move. At least in some sort of fashion for a year just to help the transition. I mean, we have the money, might as well have several of these type of guys stay on if it helps recruiting.
  17. Thank God! At first I thought Case was somehow going to be here again next year!!
  18. Yeah, I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Bridgewater is miles and miles ahead of Ash as a passer. Ash has better touch on his long ball, but everything else Ash is clearly inferior.
  19. Glad to hear Wyatt may be retained. Herman as OC sounds interested also. He got his grad degree from UT and was a graduate assistant for two years under Mack in 99-00. He was 2013 Big 10 recruiter of the year as well. Lived in Texas as recently as 2008 when he was coaching at Rice. I'm ready for him to sign on!
  20. Both. That is why there is such an apparent difference, IMO.

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