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  1. Great job compiling all of this information and presenting it in a readable format! Thank you sir. We'll be light as he'll at LB next year too. I wonder if a few DBs or WRs will be converted.
  2. So, we need to start paying to get recruits? I don't understand how no one in the media talks about this. Even on the local call in shows. I almost called in today to bring it up and hear their reaction.
  3. If I had Pelini as a head coach I'd have the red ass too.
  4. We're Texas, and we just can't see anyone leaving here for a similar job.
  5. Details are being reported by Mike Finger from the SA Express News. There are bonuses for academic performance also: "$25K for 2.9 GPA, $50K for 3.0, $75K for 3.1, $75k for APR in top 10 percentile." Also, this: "If Strong is fired without cause before the deal expires, UT still owes him 100% of salary."
  6. CFT is reporting that Strong's deal has been approved: http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/01/13/texas-regents-approve-strongs-five-year-26-million-deal/ Interesting part on possible bonuses: "Strong can earn $100,000 for winning coach of the year, $100,000 per Big 12 championship win, $100,000 for each berth in the national championship and $250,000 for each national championship win. He’ll also earn a 3 percent bonus if Texas finishes in the top five and a 2 percent bonus if it finishes in the top 10."
  7. Are you hearing anything on Chad Morris coming here? I know it'd be difficult with his buyout. Most likely would only happen if we had a 3 year commitment from him to stay as our OC.
  8. My likey! Now it is just a matter of how high we shoot for our first choice. Sure hope we hear something definitive by this weekend. Thanks McP.
  9. I think it's probably going to happen. I mean, Texas Barnes? WTH does that even mean? His last name isn't a very good adjective so he must go!
  10. This isn't anything new. There has been smoke for quite some time. Seems to have picked up since their move to the $EC.
  11. I pretty much assumed paying was at least part of the their MO after the RS-J thing. It was almost as blatant as the Cam Newton story. But I'm glad that more is coming to light.

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