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  1. Operations Manager for a Commercial/Residential Roofing firm. We also have a A/C and Heating Division here in San Antonio
  2. I hope that Red McCombs feels like an idiot over his comments. Mr McCombs, comments like yours is a perfect example of what is wrong with people in your position. Just because you can get away with anything you want, doesn't mean you should. I understand that you have been good for the university, but I venture to say, that the University has been very good for you. Sometimes silence is golden. Your complete disregard, and blatant insult, of Charlie Strong serves no purpose but your own. We get it, you don't like the hire. We don't care. FYI, Gruden, in my opinion, wouldn't do worth a crap at Texas. Just because you see yourself as a football man, doesn't mean you're a football man. Sometime in life the best thing to do is to just shut your damn mouth, respectfully.
  3. A long time ago. Going to a movie is outrageous
  4. Damn Zoom, that girl is smoking hot. I'd give her the best two minutes of her life!

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