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  1. Sorry SHA, for an informed business owner and poster, the above sure is an uniformed opinion. The Cartels are allowed to "rule" the border towns. Mexico city is about 620 miles South of McAllen, TX. Mexico City has a noticeable European Spanish mentality to it than a Latin American one. I don't know how I feel about the International travel aspect of the trip, but a fear based statement doesn't fly with me.
  2. Please compare the average attitude of a 4* or 5* player that read their own press to the hungry 0* to 3* that have chips on their shoulders with something to prove.
  3. If what Bonney was saying in this interview is true, telling the commits to look around at the banquet...Then he is a petty asz clown and his actions reek of sour grapes.
  4. Which head 2 head battles with Sumlin does Coach Strong win this year & next?
  5. PM me, I am a 20 year USAF Intel vet. I also have a very good friend that is Booze Allen Hamilton.
  6. Say whuuuuuuut? "Extremely vocal" means what, shouting, terse, fatherly, what?
  7. Thank you all for the great feedback regarding the OP. I also appreciate the "spirited" discussion regarding the Offense's future identity; although I doubt it belongs in this particular thread.

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