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  1. Well that will certainly make this coming week a little longer. I will be interested in hearing his take on spring practice.
  2. Why start off saying I really like Strong but!! Come man admit it you still have your feelings hurt because UT did not hire who you wanted. Next year at this time you will be saying I sure was right about Charlie Strong he was the right guy for UT to hire.
  3. As for me I do not think Mack should have been in position to have any conversation with recruits. I lay that on Powers and Patterson for not handling the removal of Mack as soon as final seconds of the Baylor game ticked off. If Mack did say anything to the recruits about looking around he was wrong.
  4. So winning the February championship matters? Last 5 yrs rankings, 24 2, 3, 3, 5 and they got you some outstanding records right? We got beat by schools last year that only had a couple of top 10 finishes in recruiting combined. I do not care how good the ranking is it will fail if the UT coaches fail to produce bigger, stronger, faster, and fundamentally sound players.
  5. Yes Yes Yes hope your information is accurate who love to have him.
  6. You guys who doubt Charlie Strong, what is your real reason for doubting him? Is it because you got your feeling hurt by believing internet gossip and did not get the coach you wanted. Maybe it is Charlie Strong background, his hard work, his earning everything he got? Who you think should be UT head coach is your opinion and you entitled to it. I like to think now we have our coach and he has named his staff we could get over our hurt feelings and back our coach and his staff. History is to learn from not to live in.
  7. All this whining and pouting is about not getting the HC they wanted. Most of these guys want Strong to fail so they can say I told you so. We did not have a OC last yr. we had two, the year before that two and I did not hear the whining then.
  8. Guys our offense sucked the last three years!! So get over wanting Saban, Harbuagh brothers, Meyers, Shaw, Muschamp, or the plethora of HC you wanted and get on board with Coach Strong. He going to make you proud someday.
  9. MHO is that big money donars are the reason we are still in big 12 and sucked on the field the last 4 years.
  10. If I am reading his contract right his buy out is 25% of his annual salary remaining. Guys am I reading it right? Here is a link to contract. His buyout is discussed toward the end. http://www.orangeandwhite.com/news/2011/dec/15/chad-morris-new-deal-carries-hefty-buyout-penaltie/
  11. 1. Morris 2. Riley 3. Frost my wish list
  12. BOR would have to approve the salaries of over a million right? JMHO, that is what UT is waiting on to announce staff. No insight here just hoping
  13. Got a lot of things going on this morning and will not we able to F5 all morning. IMO that after BOR meeting is when we will know who our OC is. I hope they announce the whole staff at that time too.
  14. The difference is that my post will not end up on ESPN and make National headlines. He thinks he has the inherited right to say what he wants and that is fine. We do live in the USA. I also have to right to think he brought shame to UT by his comments when we did not need it. No comment would have served Red better. JM
  15. zoom air I always stop and stare at your post. Keep posting

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