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  1. I agree Ellie. One thing for sure, Charlie Strong has shut down the leaks. Nobody knows anything. I wonder if this is Strong or the presence of Patterson as AD. I remember that talk was he was going to eliminate some of the extra weight in the AD office that had connections to BMDs. If that has happened, is the shutdown on info a result of that or is Strong so strong that he confides in no one. I sure don't know the answer, but I certainly like it. I think in the past, we have shot ourselves in the foot with all the leaks that have come out on subjects before it was the proper time to release them.
  2. Patterson appeared to be so adept at not tipping his hand on the details of the search. First it was this guy, then another, and so on until now and then word is leaked that it is Strong and the deal has not even been finalized. If he was so good to hiding what was happening why would you let this out before it is a done deal.
  3. Seems like we have a smoke screen happening. First, Strong has accepted, then he hasn't talked to AD or President and then does not have an offer. At the same time, almost complete silence on the part of McPhaul, Shaunsters, jffcruise, and even though sirhornsalot is posting, he is really not saying much of substance. Have their sources told them to keep it quiet and wait for the news to come from the man himself?
  4. A couple of days ago, I ask the question "how old are you" in an attempt to compare the average age of Horn Sports users to those of OB. Several weeks ago, OB had a similar question and the average age of 140 respondents was 44.4. 123 of you fine folk responded to our survey and the average age of Horn Sports is 46.7. So we are a couple of years older, but I think, more importantly, we are a more mature group even though we have one poster who is 17, and ten more who are under 30. However, to even this out, we do have 8 posters over the age of 70 with the most mature being 78. Thanks for responding to the question. NOW LET'S GO GET US A COACH AND RIGHT THIS SHIP!!!!!!
  5. i thought Ed O was OL coach not DL coach.
  6. My biggest concern is the lack of discipline on the Baylor team. That is coaching. There is no reason for a team to have as many infractions as the Baylor team does. I pass.
  7. Suggestion that Strong is recommended by search firm question. Isn't the purpose of search firm to vet candidates? If so, they would "approve" all candidates that are interviewed. The only ones that they would not recommend would be those that failed the vetting. Am i wrong in my thinking?
  8. I am so thankful to have HS to satisfy my Longhorn info cravings. I was so sick and tired of TOS cut me downs and snide remarks. This site either has a different breed of cats or we are much more mature. Several weeks ago, OB had the same question and being retired, I combined the results of 140 responses and found the average age of OB is 44 years. I am curious to know if the average age here is older than OB. I will get us started on the higher side by saying I am 71. What about you.
  9. Excellent post SG. You nailed it completely. I hate that we are where we are, but am so optimistic about the future.
  10. Like SFlonghorngirl I saw a post by McPhaul on OB, came over and took a look and was hooked by the respectful and mature posts without name calling. Hardly ever go back to OB.
  11. There is no way that working for Dan Synder would be considered better than being at UT. In fact, it might be only better than working for Jerry Jones
  12. I am curious about Camp 2 - is it a large group, how much power do they have, and are they going to exert their power in the final decision.
  13. Retired Planning Manager and do not miss it at all.

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