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  1. What about 20 years ago? My point is that Texas wasn't always the Texas of the Mack Brown era. College football comes in cycles and as fans we can't have a sense of entitlement.
  2. Haha! I'm just saying, we weren't always winning 10 games every year. Neither was Bama or OSU or any of the other schools. There are cycles in CFB and unfortunately we just seem to be at the bottom of it right now.
  3. I agree with GZ. I know people want us to be competitive and win games, but the reality is simple. If a team is better than you in key positions (such as OL/DL), its going to be awfully hard to overcome that. I agree that CS could have made some better decisions at times. I also think a lot of our fans still have a sense of entitlement and the "We are Texas" attitude. Right now we need to be "Humbled Texas" because we aren't who we once were. This was ALWAYS a 2-3 year rebuilding project to me. To much had to change within the program before the guys even took a step on the field. There was A LOT of turmoil and instability within the AD. Here is how I saw the upcoming years when the new coach was hired, no matter who it was: Year 1: Clean up the football program and eliminate waste Year 2: At least be competitive in games and get the young guys experience ASAP Year 3: Challenge for the conference title Year 4: Compete for a natty If you have kids and they fail at something despite giving it their all, do you turn your back on them and simply tell them "be better" or do you applaud their effort and help them find a way to conquer the challenge next time? As fans, the least we could do is support our team and University when they need it most through thick and thin. These young guys are out there busting tail despite upperclassmen failures (dear Lord, help Hutchins). We can't fire somebody or put somebody on the hot seat every single moment a coach doesn't live up to your expectations fast enough despite showing progress. Nobody will want to coach here. You can't create that environment. We wanted to win and we wanted to win the right way. We also wanted to toughen up the Texas culture, remove the sense of entitlement, and employ leadership amongst the players. I think we are going down the right road, even if it is in a Nissan Versa vs a Tesla Model S.
  4. I hear you on this. I think it takes a bit of selling your soul (i.e. Baylor). With the hole we were in, it was ALWAYS going to be a 2-3 year turnaround. I do think CS left a few games on the field between last year and this year.
  5. That's exactly where I am right now. I'd rather lose making freshman mistakes with freshman, then seeing juniors and seniors continue to be severely ineffective. Inject some passion with these young kids. This may sound crazy, but I'm tired of losing the exact same way. The defense is on the field too long, OL sucks, Swoopes being indecisive and slow, after a big play we shat the bed on O, poor play calling, yadda yadda.
  6. You are right. It may be too early to say he's inconsistent. It's great to know he can boot it that far.
  7. I just wanted to drop off my 2 cents on the game. I played quite a bit of ball back in the day as a running back (having played with Vince in middle and high school). I've been in the "patience" camp as it pertains to Charlie Strong turning Texas around. I know he was/is fighting an uphill battle given the environment and players he was left in the MB fiasco. I always viewed this as getting worse before it got better and we were 2-3 years minimum away from competing with the big boys. What happened yesterday, in some ways, was expected but it still hurts when you sit through it. While we played like a deuce from a great dane, they were simply the better team (returning something like 18 starters I think). It was obvious they were a much more cohesive unit. I know we were playing young guys and we were going into South Bend for our first game. I expected a lot of mistakes. I was ok with getting it out the way early for conference play where we can salvage the season. Here are my quick notes from the game: DEFENSE - Malik anybody? Dude flashed so much potential. He is living up to the hype in game 1. There were a lot of freshman mistakes and he could've been much better in pass coverage, but he definitely gives you something to look forward to on defense. He's also a very natural leader. His quick interview post game showed his maturation. - Duke and Dylan. Dylan and Duke. By the time you finish reading this sentence, Notre Dame is already 5 - 10 yards behind them moonwalking into the endzone. I praise Dylan for his hard work. He turned walk on status into scholarship player. I also condemn him because he just doesn't have the playmaking ability we need in a safety. He was consistently late to the party and is the last line of defense. Thomas is a senior and we should expect more from him. He's consistently getting beat deep. He rarely keeps the WR in front of him. - We should be concerned about the DL. They got zero push. Zaire had enough time to go to the sideline, make some mai tai's, pass them out to the team, and then come back in to complete passes in the middle of the field all day long. He was never under any real pressure. - Bedford's soft 2 deep zone was supposed to keep everything in front. That didn't work out too well. A lot of guys were out of position, but the middle of the field was consistently open. Once a RB was pass the LOS, he was instantly in the secondary. - Bonney had a tough night as well. I believe we should start playing guys like Boyd and live with the growing pains. Upperclassmen should be better. Period. OFFENSE - Swoopes is who we thought he was. Nothing more. Nothing less. Physically, he's slow. Mentally, he's slow at decision making. He holds the ball far too long. He's a great kid, but he's not the future at QB. He can be a serviceable backup. - Heard. We don't know much about him yet given his short stint on the field. He did look quick on his feet. I believe that hit he took was a little more than wind knocked out of him based on re-watching it. Once he got up, he looked a bit shaken. The coaches can say what they want, but I personally believe they didn't put him back in for health reasons. Anything else is pure insanity. While he also may not be the answer to our QB problems, he is a different option. I'm just tired of seeing Swoopes repeat the same mistakes over and over after a full year of being the starter. It's time to live with Heards mistakes if he can at least show growth - OL. Sigh. Wickline's seat should be warming up. He shouldn't get a pass. The OL looks worse than Colt McCoy circa 2007. No matter how much switching he does on the oline, they look the same. Turrible, just turrible. Starting 2 true freshman tells you a lot about the veterans. At least those freshman showed some signs of ability. Other times, they looked like true freshmen making their first start. - It's elementary Watson! I've seen enough to know he should not be the OC for Texas. I waited a long time to pass judgement, but there were A LOT of signs last night that suggest he isn't. His play calling are like picking names out of a hat. You get a beautiful pitch and catch from Swoopes/Burt and your next 2 plays are right up the middle back to back? No misdirection at all. It's 3rd and short and you have 1 route within 5 yards. We all know our weaknesses. It's his job to play to our strengths. He doesn't. He makes things much more complicated than they need to be. He hit lightening in a bottle with Bridgewater, but most successful college qb's are playing in a more simplified offense which allows them to use their athletic ability and cut down on overthinking things. One read, two read, check down, run. - I see a lot of potential in the RB's. Gray is running harder through tackles. Foreman and Warren flashed potential as well. Get them a serviceable OL and we may have something - We didn't really throw (er...complete) a lot of passes. It was a combination of poor oline play, Swoopes holding on to the ball, and WR's not getting open. John Burt did flash some potential. Bright future ahead. SPECIAL TEAMS - The punter was up and down, but did show us his big leg. If he can become consistent, he will be a plus. - Traylor has improved special teams coverage. That's all we can ask of him in that regard. - It's good to know Rose is capable of hitting from 50+ While this was not a great start, a lot of it was expected. My biggest concerns going forward is the OL, QB play, and offensive play calling. Why? Because I don't know if they will change much throughout the season. CS sticking with Watson who's sticking with Swoopes is destined for failure. Strong mentioned last night in his press conference he wasn't paying much attention to that side of the ball because he was trying to fix the defense. News flash coach, your offense is much more of a problem than the defense and you are responsible for BOTH! I like Strong and want him to succeed at Texas for a variety of reasons. I also think it's time for him to put a lot more focus on that side of the ball and start making some changes. He can't bet his career on "Watson" at the roulette table. Rant over! Enjoy your Sunday/Monday fellas.
  8. All of this is pure conjecture and not based on any facts. How do you know what the coaches are concerned about? Trust me when I say the coaches know their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. Sure, Watson as well as other coaches made mistakes last year. No doubt about it. My only question is what would you have done differently? If you can't truly understand how tough last season was on offense in a variety of way, I don't know what else to tell you. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. You can say "get creative" and "scheme around this and that" but at the end of the day the players still have to execute. One missed block a fraction of a second after the snap will kill the entire play. It doesn't matter what was called. That happened quite a bit last season. I like other fans thinks it sucks that we haven't been good for so long. However, this was always a multi-year rebuild. ALWAYS. Even the great Saban and Briles had multi-year rebuilds. Rarely does a coach come in and kick butt immediately. If he does, it has more to do with the players on campus. Simply put, we just didn't have a whole lot of talent last year. CS may not be the coach to take us to the promise land but he was exactly the coach we needed right now. Reports are great for entertainment, but it doesn't matter honestly. During the last few years of the Mack era we had a bunch of nice reports and you see how that turned out. Don't mistake spring reports as gospel. There's a lot of work ahead. Again, CS doesn't even have his first recruiting class on campus. I don't get excited in the spring because you don't know what you have in the team as everyone is not there yet. Heck a lot are injured now. For now, I wouldn't look for any signs to ease you pessimism. It's just way too early.
  9. I'm not sure where you got that from, but from what ALL the other sites (including this one) is reporting is that the QB's are getting much better in the new scheme. We don't even have our incoming 2015 class on campus yet (who are filled with possible studs). I know you hate Watson, but there are so many equations for success in a college football season, including luck. We knew this year would be a step back simply due to the talent drop off. It's no secret this team may not do well. Unfortunately its still a part of the transition. A new coach doesn't automatically = winning season. Especially when there wasn't a whole lot of talent to begin with. We are attempting to climb out the hole and I like the direction we are going. The wins will come. You can't blame everything on an OC.
  10. Randolph, have a coke and a smile. You can hate Watson all you want, but with that offense line VY wouldn't have done much of anything. I don't care what your scheme is, if the line can't block air then you won't get very far. They weren't matched well with Arkansas. The SEC knew that and that's why we got them instead of A&M. Look back to Colts 2007 year vs 2006 and 2008. There was a nice decline due to offensive line issues. Personally I think us Longhorn fans should stop comparing our offense to everybody else in terms of scheme. We should however worry about having the right players for the scheme we do have. When you look around the country, there are a lot of different schemes and they work because they have the right players in them. Again, it all starts with the big uglies up front. Last year was CS's decision to run the offense we ran. I think that was a mistake, but he manned up and changed it. At this point, that's all you can ask.
  11. JB, It was absolutely necessary to simplify the offense. This is especially true when it comes to Heard (via his high school coach). Last year we were handcuffed because there wasn't a true backup QB and you can't make big adjustments mid season and expect to get big results. Simplifying the offense allows the QB's we currently have to be creative and improvise with their natural athletic ability (Hello Vince Young). I'm not saying they are the next VY, but you saw what happened when Mack and Co allowed him to use his natural instincts and abilities.
  12. He wasn't offered, he's only a candidate.
  13. I guess they should've upped the security for admin passwords!
  14. I hear you SHA. I don't think he was doubting his abilities. I believe it was more of his since of entitlement. Again, he may light the world on fire but Higs wasn't the only site posting some concerns if Heard was THE guy. He's not in high school so his state titles are moot. Gilbert had state titles as well. I'm just curious to see how this all unfolds.
  15. NTG, No this one isn't about clicks. The question was brought up in a 24 hour chat so it wasn't anything publicized. Higdon made a couple comments on the question and stated he wouldn't say anything else. I know this is probably not what us fans want to hear, but it's an honest possibilities. OB has even alluded to the staff not particularly being impressed with Heard. If he was THAT good, CS would've ripped that red shirt. He didn't mind playing Bridgewater as a freshman. I'm glad we got Locksley because it does spark competition. We also have to take a wait and see approach with Heard. His high school accomplishments mean nothing now.

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